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It is a known fact that there are several gemstones which are set of each month in the year and they have qualities and characteristics which benefit or rather suit the people born in that time ??? hence also called as birthstones. February GemstoneAmethyst or the transparent purple colored beautiful looking stone is for those individuals who are born in February. According to legends worldwide, it is believed that amethyst is seen to make wearer relaxed and calm on several emotional levels. A lot of people believe in the astrological, spiritual, mythical and supernatural aspect of the stones. And this can be further fueled from the fact that the human mind and body could be maneuvered by employing different natural elements.

If one is wearing their birthstone in the form of ring or any other jewelry because they like it then there is nothing much to think about but if one believes in something more than the following lines provide information on the amethyst birthstone and what astrology or religions believ
e about it. According to the Indian or Hindu astrology, the happenings in the life of a person are determined by the movement of the moon, the sun and the planets. Moreover, the place of birth, date and time can be employed to check the life history of that individual and this can help in finding out what kind of individual one is, their family history and if they have any physical ailments.
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There is also a science called gemology which is a sub branch of astrology and provides information of the person based on their birthstone and how the planets and other celestial bodies??? movements affect that stone. In fact, by wearing the right stone, one can counter the ill effects of the planetary movements and the experiences that were to draw upon the user in t


he future. However, this doesn???t mean that the user will be rich and successful
just wearing the right gemstone. These birthstones are not magical but are only looked forward to inspire and compliment the hardships and efforts. It is easier to let go of all fears and concentrate on the task ahead after wearing one???s own

Amethyst is a purple colored stone which has a property that it
doesn???t attract anything and repels negativity which makes it a protection charm for the wearer. Moreover, a lot of people say that this gemstone can even cure alcoholics from their addiction. Also, those who wear it as a birthstone say that it keeps them calm and helps them focus on their work. However, it is important that there should be touched by the user to transfer its energies which is why it is best to make it a part of a neck chain or a bracelet.
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