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Because of the fact that the amethyst is being mined all around the world, it is easily available in the international markets and has become quite popular with jewelers. Moreover, its natural characteristics differ depending on the location from where it is being mined. Due to this, the color of the stone can vary from pale lilac to deep purples. Because of its popular color and quality features, it has always been associated with the powerful, wealthy and also several religious leaders.


The international acceptance of the gemstone can be considered from the fact that all mineral and gem collectors are quite familiar with it. Moreover, the widespread availability of this element makes it very easy to recognize. Amethyst-beautyThe one quality famous for the stone is that it prevents the one wearing it from being intoxicated or drugged. And this intoxication is from the addictive and amorous kinds too. Moreover, the wearer also seems to gain a clear temperance and positive aspect or clarity of mind. Aside from that, it is also the February birthstone and the astrological stone for Pisces in particular but many consider it beneficial for Sagittarius, Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius and Aries. Because of increasing awareness in astrology, the demand for this birth and zodiac stone is increasing rapidly.

A lot of people believe that amethyst can also bring good fortune and true love.Amethyst fortune Some other attributes that make it quite internationally renowned include its tranquility and peace bringing attributes. Moreover, the wearer also tends to become more affable and tender hearted. Many spiritualists believe that this stone can make the person wearing it less self destructive, cleanses the person???s soul and also remove all the undesirable traits bringing in a purer spirituality form. Moreover, several reports have also stated that users can clear mental, emotional and physical disorders with the help of this element.

The most common way in which it is accepted in the international markets is because of its six sided prismatic structure. Moreover, its 7 months hardness scale reflects that it can be cut quite easily. Amethyst reflectionAlso, it has a refractive index of 1.545 whilst a specific gravity of 2.66. The best varieties of this stone are mined from Uruguay, Iran, Namibia, Australia, Germany, Madagascar, India, United States, Bolivia, Zambia and Canada. The superior grade of the accepted amethyst is the fusion of milky quartz and amethyst which is also known as amethyst quartz. Then there is the Canadian amethyst which has a glaze of red hematite, the ametrine which is a orange and purple combination, lavender amethyst which is a pastel shade of the purple color and many more.