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Because of its royal appearance and the fact that it beseeches royalty, the amethyst stone is seen to overpower the personality of the one wearing it. The stone is seen to look best when set in diamonds and gold.

There are a number of various combinations that one can try but the diamond and purple combination is considered the best one. Moreover, a good amethyst ring or a huge pendant filled with dozens of tiny stones can easily catch the eye without any help from other gems. Jewelers state that jewelry without any gem is like getting a cake without any icing. It might be good but it doesn???t have the distinctive and decorative touch of the colored gems.

Addition of gems in the basic platinum, silver and gold give it a different elegance and panache. The cut, setting and the stone used in the ornament decides its price and appearance. The look can range from junk to casual, semi formal and even formal. The glitter of other precious metals can be enhanced by going for the gorgeous amethyst stone. The contemporary jewel designers have taken the amethyst purple and used with it the more precious rubies, garnet, pearls, sapphires and emeralds to add to their value so that the fastidious consumers can be offered more color options.

The color of the gem is important when it comes to grading of amethyst and the natural or deep purple color is considered to be more important than the light shaded gems. Moreover, there is a chance that synthetic amethyst is passed like the real one because of their unmistakable similarity to the natural ones, so much so that even the jewelers get fooled sometimes. However, considering the quality and features that the synthetic quartz brings, a lot of people don???t mind that they have duplicate amethyst compared to the original one. One can expect reputable stores to declare whether the amethyst used by them is synthetic or original. Moreover, this gemstone is used for crystal therapy and electronics also.

It is said that placing the amethyst on the crown chakra can bring peace and harmony to the mind. The stone is also associated with celibacy and a number of monks and priests wear amethyst rings and purple clothes to signify that they don???t wish to be a part of the materialistic world. Being just a seven on the Mohs hardness scale, it is perfect for making jewelry as it can be used for cutting in almost all the shapes. One can go for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings made from amethyst in the violet color are seen to make passionate statement at all events.