Amethysts are one gemstone which can boast of a scintillating color range and that too in just one color ??? purple. The amethyst crystals that occur naturally are seen to grow amongst quartz and the manganese in the quartz is seen to bring out the purple of the manganese. Considered the official February birthstone, it is also the Pisces stone and is also gifted on the fourth, sixth and the seventeenth wedding anniversary. Owing to its mystical and miraculous powers, this stone has been popular for several thousand years. Because of its free availability, this gem isn’t expensiveness but even with the cost the beauty of its color is considered to be unparalleled.
amethyst for wedding gift
The light colored amethyst is called the Rose De France variety with the more expensive ones are the deep colored which have deep rose flashes in them. The darker colored amethysts don???t require anything to further heat treat or enhance them whereas the lighter ones are heated to the citric color. Most commercially available amethysts these days are the ones that have been usually heat treated. The most expensive and purest form of the stone has a clear purple color but this can range from deep purple to mauve, lavender and even lilac. Because of its royRoyal amethyst ringal calling, the amethyst stone has been worn by almost all the royals in the ancient and recent modern ages. Some also set them with rubies and platinum so that they can be used in the state or crowning jewelry of several European royalties and even Indian maharajas and princes

There are several amethyst types and the geologists and experts can distinguish that because of their color and shape. The clusters in it are indication of where they have been taken or grown. Amethyst is also believed to change the lower or negative energies into the higher or positive ones and several religions vouch for the magical efficacy of the stone. Churches have used this stone in the rosaries whilst bishops are seen to wear the stone in the church rings and regalia so that they can experience the healing, beneficial and celibate vibrations of it.

Power of amethyst

Amethyst can be used extensively in jewelry and is already employed for making creative variations of bracelets, chokers, rings, pendants and several other things. Moreover, many use it for paperweights, jewelry watches and even lamp stands. Moreover, its metaphysical properties have also been used in the form of gem crystal therapy and also in meditation or healing sessions. Because of its clear nature, the positive energies pass easily through it and bring in a positive effect on the body and mind. Also, it can be used to remove the violent and anger tendencies thereby making one wish they always want to wear this gemstone.

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