Since the gem theory and therapy has increased, a lot of 262502_Aquamarine Birthstone Jewelrypeople are becoming aware of the fact that different gemstones are seen to carry the power with which they can harmonize the influences of the planet on the mind.One such aspect here is the study of birthstones which have been considered as very crucial luck enhancers. The birthstone signifies a particular gemstone corresponding to the particular month in the calendar. If the person born in a specific month wears the particular gemstone associated as birthstone then it enhances the luck that they experience in life. This thing can be traced back to the Jews and associations have been made in the form of Breastplate of Judgment.AquamarineWhen it comes to the aquamarine, the people born in March can experience the magic of the stone in their mind and in their lives. Aquamarine march stoneHowever, the astrologists and students of the subject state that the true value of the stone can only be used in combination with one???s zodiac and that is why considerations are always made on how the moon and sun rested at the time of one???s birth. Due to this information, the aquamarine becomes astrologically associated with the signs of Scorpio, Libra and Aries. Whether one wears it as a month stone or zodiac stone, it is bound to have a good result on the physical as well as the mental well being of the person wearing it. As found out from their radiation, the aquamarine not only enhances the psychological or mental power of the wearer but they also make sure that the evil or negative effects of the planets are nullified with its power.

It is said that in all the ancient stories, the sailors used to carry aquamarine on their voyages so as to counter any ill effects or problems that they were supposed to experience in the sea. Because of its symbolization of honesty, loyalty and love, it is especially loved by women around the world and also for its characteristic of rekindling love in married couples. Because of the latter feature, it is considered to be the best gemstone for the sixteenth or the nineteenth year anniversary in marriage.19th aniverseryIt is also considered to have a number of healing abilities.Aquamarine healing Some say that all eye troubles can be cleared by using aquamarine that has been soaked in water. Moreover, it can also clear the nerve pain and other respiratory diseases quite easily. Also, the aquamarine???s pale azure is seen to bring harmony and mental piece to the wearer. The wearers also believe that this stone strengthens their will and increases their courage. It is also considered an excellent stone for meditation.