Aquamarine is a popular gemstone which is quite infamous for being the sixteenth and nineteenth anniversary gemstone and also the March birthstone. AquamarineThis semiprecious stone is named as such because of its seawater medium blue color. However, this color can vary from blue green to light blue depending on the mineral content in the element. It is quite infamous beryl and comes in the line of emeralds. The leading aquamarine producers in the world are India, Mozambique, Nigeria and Brazil. Because of it being a hard gemstone, it is very good choice for pendants, earrings and other jewelry which are worn regularly by the user. many ancient stories say that this gemstone is seen to rekindle love in couples who have been married for a long time.

When going out to buy aquamarine, there are some things which have to be kept in mind and these include the quality, treatments, clarity, color, cut and size.Aquamarine cuts The following lines provide information on all of these qualities. Just like any other precious or semi precious stone, the gemstones are sold according to their carats and their size also depends on their carat weight. Moreover, this density of the mineral also determines at what price the user is going to purchase it. The beauty of this gemstone is decided because of its cut and many professional jewelers believe that an appropriate cut for the aquamarine should be neither too narrow, nor too wide, neither too shallow and nor too deep. Well cut aquamarines are seen to reflect back the light in pleasing manner.

As for the color and clarity, the best quality of aquamarine is seen to be transparent. However, the hues can range from almost colorless to the sea green and the color of the blue skies. The user should also check the flaws that might be in the stone. As for the treatment, the most common ones include heat and irradiation treatment. ??The heat treatment is done to make sure that the pale or yellow stones are turned to the popular blue green colorings. It is an accepted practice. As for the irradiation, that is done make sure that the perfections are removed and the color is brought out. Most of the professional dealers tell their clients if the stone has been irradiated or not.

clarity of aquamarineUsually, the price of the aquamarine ranges from five to hundred dollars a carat depending on the clarity and the cut. Because of their similarity to the blue topaz, sapphire and blue tourmaline, it is important to be aware. It is also possible that some unprofessional people sell out imitation jewelry which is made from glass or cheaper and similar looking gemstones.