When one hears aquamarine, the first image that is conjured in the mind is that of the vitality and splendor of the ocean. Consisting of aluminum silicate, this gem is blue green in color and is said to possess mystical healing attributes. Transparency of aquamarine Aquamarine Jewelry Buying GuideMoreover, it has been regarded universally as the symbol of health, hope and youth. Although several stones come in a wide range of colors, the ideal aquamarine is always sea blue. If this is available without any green or gray in it then it is quite valuable. The cheaper ones have some or the other blemishes but the best quality of this stone are totally transparent and don???t contain any external imperfections or flaws.

Because of its durable nature, this is frequently chosen for rings that are available in large sizes or precise cuts that include an oval or rectangular shape. With a good cut, the wearer can see the depth of liveliness and color that is present in this stone while some imperfections might be revealed. The best varieties of this stone can be availed from Ukraine, Madagascar, Zambia, Nigeria and Brazil. It is important to notice the works of famous craftsman when going out to buy this jewel because from there one can gauge what the beauty of this stone is. The things to notice are the overall finish and also the quality of the stones.Aquamarine ring1 Aquamarine Jewelry Buying Guide

Some other questions which should be considered are whether the piece show any sign of repair or damage. Whether the gemstone is free of any scratch or is completely clean. It is important to closely look at the carat weight and the gemstone color as they are quite important factors in getting to know the price of the item. When studying the design, be very critical otherwise one might be duped. Some other questions can be asked which include the period during which it had been made, is there any eye appeal, is the design proportioned and balanced and whether the ring can be worn or not. Many people say that it is best to wear the jewelry before buying it otherwise the size can be an issue later.aqua grades 300x75 Aquamarine Jewelry Buying GuideFor collectors, it is important to make note of the demand value of the piece that they are obtaining. Moreover, as jewelry pieces can be quite unusual, it is important to be well aware and acquainted with the whole industry. Collectors are seen to favor large aquamarine items but the size of the jewelry depends on the fashion trends going on in that time. However, these guidelines can be sometimes dismissed in the circumstances where the jewelry is being purchased because it appeals to one???s passion and taste.

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