Aquamarine is considered to be the dream gem for any artisan and because of the wide variety of designs and styles that it brings to the table, this fact can be easily believed. The necklace made of ??aquamarine are seen to be based with platinum or white gold because the white metal enhances the elegance of the blue aquamarine in a splendid manner. However, necklace which are just aquamarine studs also look quite pretty. However, in all this beauty, it is quite easy to get confused as to which should be bought and it is easier to get duped if one isn’t able to make out the difference between the real and the fake aquamarine necklace. To make this decision easily, it is best to know the 4C rule of the gemstones and the following lines provide information on the 4Cs of the aquamarine.

Aquamarine necklace

The first one is the color and it is quite popular that the aquamarine features a real divine blue coloration which is also seen in the color of sea and sky. Its shades can vary from deep blue to the very pale blue.Dark_aquamarine_necklace The larger aquamarines are able to reflect more light which is why their hue is concentrated into the form of very dark blue and the smaller ones are paler in comparison to them. One thing which should be known regarding these is that the color in aquamarines is quite evenly spread and that is not the case with other gems.


The cut is an important aspect as this makes the gem shine and sparkle. If the cut is beautiful then the gem is going to be that much more brilliant. Another good thing about these gems is that because of their hardness, one can make almost any cut from its composition which also makes them quite a favorite of craftsmen. The next attribute is that of the clarity and the professional jewelry stores bring in a magnifying glass to the users so that they can themselves check the astounding clarity of the gemstone. It is important that the gem should be transparent and clear to the core otherwise it???s not a valuable or real aquamarine.

necklace aqua

The last C is of the carat and it is a known fact that the price of the aquamarine increases with its size and the same is true for all gemstones. The carat is the size measurement and that decides the real value of the stone. With the aforementioned facts about the carat, color, clarity and cut of the aquamarine, one can easily decide on what size, prize and quality of gem they want for their desired jewelry.