Someone has rightly said that Aquamarine is a treasured item which is worn over the heart and that makes it important that it is chosen with the right mind and spirit. The pendant made out of this can surely make one look quite spectacular as the stone is famous for exhibiting a natural beauty on to its wearer. This gemstone was quite popular in sailors as they considered it a good luck from the mermaids and the mystic nature was signified because of its looks in the sun drenched water.

Aquamrine pendent 300x300 Aquamarine Pendant Buying GuideThe name Aquamarine is Latin for water and sea and that is quite appropriate considering it has colors that range from the lightest to the darkest shade of blue.shade of a quamarine Aquamarine Pendant Buying Guide
The water color is celebrated because of its ability to give life and that is similar in the case of sky and because of these reasons, the aquamarine is worn as close to the heart as possible and that can only be in the case of a pendant. In the earlier times, fangs, bones, shells and feathers used to be worn as sort of a good luck charm. However, when it comes to showcasing aquamarine pendants, the shapes have been that of a cross, ring, star or a heart. These can be worn as an accessory, elegantly or even formally.

As aforementioned, the color of the gemstone ranges from pale sea to deep blue and some stones are also seen to have a green hue in them. The value of the aquamarine depends on the color and deeper the color, higher is its price. Because of it being a hard and good stone, this doesn???t get damaged or scratched that easily. The internal flaws in it are quite rare to find and the gem is popular for its excellent quality and natural clarity. One can choose from a range of styles when it comes to aquamarine because of the fact that it???s hard and a lot of designers have performed a number of gem cutting devises on it.dark aquamarine Aquamarine Pendant Buying Guide

Users can go for the new fashionable styles, contemporary, classic and other styles. At this moment, the most inspired and popular style for aquamarines is the vintage inspired jewelry.vintage aquamarine1 Aquamarine Pendant Buying Guide
Moreover, the knack of bringing together contemporary styles with the conventional ones has made them a big rage. Some other styles include briolette, hotwires and some other classical looks which have been made to look futuristic. Another style is the Celtic one which is quite popular amongst those who want to make a fashionable impact.

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