Nowadays, the black onyx that is manufactured commercially is seen to be permanently dyed and heated so as to make sure that the

Black-onyx-faceted-pear black color has more depth and a bit of exotica is added to the whole look. This stone is considered best for the tenth marriage anniversary and this stone looks quite elegant as a jewelry piece. One of the varieties of agate and chalcedony, this is said to be known as a claw or finger nail in the Greek myths. The attributes of the stone range from opaque to translucent in some while others are seen to be black or strong white banded. The stone comes in a number of color varieties that include grey, white, brown and the popular black one or the agate which is combined with dye to get the best color.

Although it was used conventionally for carving cameos, this smooth and fine textured stononyx stone texturee is used for making a shiny background to all jewelry. The one with white ribbons or bands is called the sardonyx and it is different from the black colored one because of being on the brown background. This stone is one of the most commonly available gemstones around the world with its mining being done in a number of countries that include California, India, Uruguay, Pakistan, England, Mexico and Brazil. It is a type of the microcrystalline silicon dioxide which is used very much for carving and it also holds great importance with a number of lapidary artists because of it being a high seven on the moths hardness scale.

The stone???s specific gravity is around 2.656 with the refractive index lying in the range of 1.545. The optical sign of the stone is positive and the formation of the stone is seen to date back to almost twentieth century BC. The earliest producers of the stone are seen to be the harappans who used to make it by keeping the banded agate in a solution of sugar water and heating it on a low flame for few days.onyx big earringsIf the stone is not handled well then it is seen that it can get scratches or chips easily but the cleaning of the same can be done quite easily with the commercially available jewelry polish. After the polishing, it is important that the stone be put into hot water for washing and then has to be dried by using soft cloth.