The status and role of the women has completely transformed in the last few centuries around the world. This status and position has allowed women today to be more confident and also know each about them a lot better.Black-diamond-wedding-rings The main reason why this has become possible is because of their increase in fashion awareness and consciousness. And nothing holds more importance in this consciousness than a diamond but even that trend and choice is changing with the rise in popularity of the black colored stones. Because of its basic color, the black diamond has a sort of universal appeal and they attract women and even men of all ethnicity and ages. The scope of the combination with white and black is enormous and when it comes to jewelries ??? nothing ever is too much. However, it???s important to understand what these are before one gets to know how they can get one.

The hardest in all of the gemstones, the quality of the diamond depends on their carat, color, clarity and cut. The common diamonds are white and colorless whilst sometimes they are slightly tinged with brown, orange or even yellow. The rare ones in this are the green, blue and red with purple, green, blue and deep red being even rarer. However, the rarest diamonds are the black ones. These are seen to have a specific gravity of 3.2 which means that there are virtually no cleavages in this one. Just like other diamonds, they share the same hardness quotient with being a high ten on the hardness scale. Their opaque texture is because of the presence of sulfides.Diamond colorsMost of the black diamonds are found in Brazil and they are mostly found in rounded and irregular carbonados fragments. The denser one in these crystals is seen to have less intensity in their flaws. Black diamond with grey shadesThese are just the raw material as they take a good polishing to turn into supreme quality black diamonds. As their rule goes, the black diamonds are seen to come with very flawed surface and a uniform black presence is something that isn’t quite common. Most of the black diamonds are covered with dark grey and lighter shade of grey elements

As far as these are concerned, the most important thing is the cut as the final look of the diamond is dependent on the cut???s fashion. They are seen to prove very difficult in cutting but in the hands of a professional craftsman, can become pieces that hold unparallel elegance and beauty in them.