Craziness pays off, not always, but sometimes. Crazy ideas have the power to fix things that sanity cannot do. This blitzkrieg method of proposal is simply interesting. Like a thief plotting a robbery, it’s time for some craziness. It may home proposal idea 150x150 Break in!   Proposal Ideasound absurd or a little insane but it???s the perfect risk that gives you the perfect moment you have been waiting for years. Just forget your love for a couple of days before her birthday so that the proposal comes as a big surprise. Not literally though. Just avoid contact. It may be difficult but it pays off. Risky but rewards wait for the night of her birthday. That night will change your life forever. Avoid messages, tweets, chats and calls. Sneak around often to find a route into her house. And when the right time comes up, wait.??Time for some adventure!??


A Sherlock Homes thing; like a thief, sneak into her house and hide beneath the bushes and grooves awaiting your chance to ??? break-in! Wait for the right time and moment. Any mistake and you will be mistaken for a real thief. Ant things will certainly turn against you. Proceed with our plan. As the clock strikes twelve, you get into her garden, and through her window you give her a complete shock. Armed with a beautiful bouquet of red roses and a gorgeous wedding ring you are there to steal her heart. Time freezes as tears drip down her cheeks. The break-in worked just perfectly. You kneel down to give her your greatest gift ??? your wedding ring, as a symbol of infinite love. And ask her if she’ll marry you. Eureka! She accepts! But things aren’t over yet. Don’t forget to sneak out the same way you sneaked in. Craziness pays off. A perfect gift for the perfect day!


weddin proposal ideas 300x224 Break in!   Proposal Idea

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