Brain Gavin Diamonds is a 12 year company from a Fifth Generation Diamond Cutter originated from the Home of Diamonds “South Africa”.

The company is one of the leading online supplier of Diamonds to the big cities all around the world. They are very famous for their very own Heart & Arrow designs of diamonds. They offer you all kinds of diamond designs ranging from, traditional, fashion, casual and engagement.

Brain & Gavin is one of the very few company to allow you to customize the diamond design, you can order diamond in any shape. People can see and know how the diamond will be made and they give you a 3D view to have a complete view of the jewel. A diamond???s cut is the most important feature of the diamond, it also determines how effectively it returns light back to the viewer???s eye, how well the diamond performs. A well-cut diamond will appear more brilliant and fiery under a wider range of lighting conditions. A poorly cut stone can appear dull and lifeless by comparison, regardless of color or clarity. A well-cut diamond may also appear larger than other stones within the same carat weight range. One distinct difference at Brian Gavin Diamonds is their emphasis on ???cut??? as the most significant of the 4C???s (Cut, Color, Carat, Clarity).

Diamonds can be ordered in various formats like pendants, rings, studs, earrings, bracelets, bands. When you come to the price of the diamonds, its really reasonable when compared to other diamond jewelry retailers. Another most fascinating feature of Brain & Gavin Diamonds is their Live chat feature, if you are not clear about the design, cut or carat you can chat with them lively on their website. Representatives of the company will clear your all queries. Last year they introduced Coronet Solitaire Collection which has ingeniously recreated the luxurious look and stunning appeal of higher-priced solitaire jewelry, bringing the prestige of owning a finely cut solitaire into the realm of possibility for a growing number of discriminating women.

Brain & Gavin’s profits has been growing rapidly in past few years making it one of the big retailers of Diamonds. The reason for company’s huge success is the owner Brain Gavin known as “Brian the Cutter” (knowledge of 5 Generations make him stand out from others), his immense dedication, creativeness and knowledge about diamonds makes the company big.



I like to conclude my review by providing some of the statements shared by the people who bought jewels from Brian and Gavin.

“This diamond truly is phenomenal and it was worth the wait!!”,

“We picked up the pendant last night and it looks absolutely amazing”,

“The sparkle of the diamonds is amazing as it constantly catches the eye”,

“I owe the utmost gratitude to the team at BGD for making it all happen!”,

“This is one of the best experiences I’ve had for an e-commerce transaction”.

I think these words from the people who bought, used and enjoyed matters more than an review. Definitely Brain & Gavin is one of the best and reliable diamond retailers in the world.