It is rightly said that an engagement ceremony is almost like a grand celebration of a couple coming together and it also brings forward an unspoken and unwritten social contract between the groom???s and bride???s families.Aquamarine engagement ring At this time, all the aforementioned circumstances are surfaced when the rings are being exchanged between the to-be bride and the groom. It is widely believed that the engagement rings are perhaps the most important and emotional piece of jewelry one can have and that is why it is important to do this right.

However, getting an engagement ring can be quite confusing considering the fact that people look for class, elegance and the fact that the ring should be able to accentuate their every attire. To make the whole search easy, it is best to go for aquamarine engagement rings as it fulfills all the aforementioned criterions. It is comfortable to wear and it also complements the individual style of the wearer. Apart from this, there are a number of reasons as to why one should go for aquamarine as the stone in their ring.Engagement ringAquamarine has always been termed as the symbol of eternal youth and has been loved for centuries because of its oceanic blue color. Some believe that this soothing gemstone can also drive away the negative energies that are floating around a person and replace that with enhancement of self expression and mental piece. As for the astrological significance, it is usually associated with Aries, Gemini, Pisces and Taurus. Moreover, it is also considered to be a great fengshui enhancer. The abundance of azure in the element is seen to act as a harbinger of peaceful and lengthy married life whilst also reawakening the love in married couples.zodiac ringAnother thing to see about the aquamarines is that they are quite affordable. When choosing the ring, the user should look at the 4C concept of checking the value or the quality of the stone. The first here is the carat which denotes the weight of the gemstone. This is the price determining factor and should be considered the most. Then there is the clarity which determines how clear the stone actually is. The color factor differentiates the high and low quality of the gemstone. The traces of colors other than blue are seen to diminish as the price of the piece goes higher. In this spectacular jewel and with all popular gemstones, the cut is the element which determines whether it is of good quality or not.Aquamarine with white and yellow goldThe most used cuts for the aquamarine rings include the octagonal, oval, emerald and round cuttings. Then there is the faceting which is important as it is the angle at which the lights are being reflected by the stone. As for the base, yellow or white gold can be a good choice while some others go for a heavy platinum base too.