The first thing that the user should know when going for an Amber bracelet is the limitations of the element. The genuine pieces are seen to float in sea or salty water whereas the real Amber can also get electric charges when rubbed. The best ways to check the authenticity of the amber is to see if attracts paper and whether it floats on salty water. It is seen that no outfits are complete without bracelets and the best part about them is that one can acquire these in the form of ringlets, watches, wristbands or even narrow bracelets. This statement of style and elegance that the wearer is going to exhibit should be considered well before going for Amber jewelry.


Amber Floats in salty water


Amber is quite popularly exhibited in the movie Jurassic park as this element helped recreate the dinosaurs from a blood drop. Moreover, a number of races such as Buddhists, Russians, poles and Greeks have believed that it c

Jurassic Park and mosquito in amber

arries healing power and that???s why amber has been used for natural ornamentation and even for church decorations. Moreover, this also finds a mention in the literature with mythological stories and poems being written about the honey colored stone.

By going for an Amber bracelet, the wearer is going to incorporate a piece of history on his or her arm.



The Baltic Amber is the best choice when it comes to bracelets.

This is harder Baltic Amber braceletsthan the other Amber stones and is the best choice for jewelry. Although it just weighs a mere 2.5 mohs on the hardness measure, it is stronger than its cousins. Instead of single wide bracelets, it is best to go for natural unusual shaped amber beads that are strung together to form ringlet. Moreover, petite looking ladies can also go for amber bracelet with bangles so that it complements the frame.

Some also feel that wearing Amber on a day that they are feeling blue can bring a new rejuvenation in the body. Gold and Amber can be combined for formal occasions.



Those who desire grunge look can combine denim with inexpensive Amber charm bracelet. Purchasing it online (Bracelets at Blue Nile) can be fun because the choices there are practically unlimited. There are hundreds of sites which offer Amber bracelets and one can view thousands of options on every site. The size of the bracelet should be chosen correctly so as it is not too loose and not too tight either. This can be easily done by asking a jewelry store owner to measure the bangle size and using that to safely order the bracelet.