Individuals who love a large stone choice for their jewelry should always go for

amber earrings Amber. It is quite light and even big sized stone wouldn???t hurt the ears when worn in the form of earrings. This naturally honey colored stone is found in large parts of the world and has been a special ornamental element for centuries. Earrings are seen to bring out the beauty in every woman ??? whatever their size is, they are beautiful enough to exhibit countless words. These make a woman look attractive and a whole look can be changed by changing one???s earrings. Aside from the ornaments, Amber has also been used for medicinal, perfumes, anti bacterial and aromatherapy uses. Wearing them as a part of the earring can also bring the aforementioned benefits naturally.


Long earrings in gold with Amber can be best for tall woman and they can go with any hairstyle. Moreover, because of their eye catching quality, their movements with every tilt of the head can be seen easily. Because of the succinite acid present in it, it also has anti bacterial properties and it is also a healing stone since the Amber warmth is seen to be used in baby teethers for calming the nerves. Because of its low hardness, it is light enough to even float on salt water.

The sea Amber has a natural looking polish which is acquired by waves and the earthy Amber has a coat which has to be removed. The earrings made from Amber can be used as a part of an ensemble or just individually to make a difference in the look. The wearer can also use Amber drops as studs when wearing ear long earrings that don???t just cover the earlobes. This proves that Amber earring can be acquired in a number of sizes which can include small stones put together to form Amber dangler and even large earrings or small lobe covering rings. The best part is that there are a million different options which the user could choose from and that choice can be a wonderful experience.

One thing which the user should know of is that there are plenty of Amber imitations in the market and it is easy to be fooled. But to check its authenticity, the user could use salty water or rub it and see if it attracts paper. Because of the static electricity charge and the fact that it can float on salt water, one can differ the genuine Amber from the fake one. Aside from that, it is best to ask for authenticity certification, particularly when the earrings bought are expensive and all the professional jewelers would oblige.