amethist rings Buying Guide For Amethyst Rings

Amethyst is a quite popular gemstone which is also infamous for helping people with intoxication or drug addiction. It comes from the Greek word which means not drunken or not intoxicated and that are where the whole belief of the drunkenness started. Moreover, it is seen to have healing powers as the purple color is seen to bring glory, psychic intuition or even a sense of spirituality and peace. It was even said that drinking from amethyst chalice was considered a cure for the drunkenness. This is the birth stone for Sanitarians, Antiquarians and Pisces. Moreover, this stone is also used for the sixth and fourth marriage anniversary. The rich purple color of the stone is seen to attract the mighty and that is why its popularity has never waned.

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Because of the belief that amethyst can also promote celibacy, the church valuables and the other holy individuals used to widely wear amethyst. Moreover, the rosary of the Buddhist monks was also made of this tone and was considered very sacred. This is quite a good option for the rings and comes in the shades of mauve, lilac and purple. Hence, there are a number of reasons as to why one should go for the stone apart from its natural beauty. This purple colored crystal is a variation of Quartz which is silicon mineral. The purple color is derived from the presence of manganese but the color is considered to be organic because of the fact that it can be discharged or even altered with heat.
amethyst  Buying Guide For Amethyst RingsDepending on the place that the crystal comes from, the purple shading can vary and these places can include exteriors of volcanic rocks, trees or even simple rocks. These are found in various parts of Australia, Africa, USA, Canada and Mexico. The paler amethyst shades are seen to be called the Rose De France. This can be easily cleaned by soap water and brush. Usually cut in brilliant round cuts, this can go well with any other cut but the round one can easily bring out the rich color and also hide the unequal color distribution. The gem can

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The deep purple color is considered to be the most valuable because of the rose flashes. Amethyst gemstone is found in a number of calibrated shapes and sizes. Because of its easy availability, the gemstone is the least expensive stone in the market. Moreover, because of its widespread popularity of the healing powers and the drunkenness clearings, people from around the world believe that it protects the wearer from over indulgence and also exudes health.

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