The popular black pearls are procured from the Tahitian lands. Black lipped oysters or pinctada margaritifera is grown in the

Black_pearl_diamond_ring cook island waters and the French Polynesia. Pearls are formed in these oysters??? wombs. Any woman who knows the grandeur of black pearls would yearn to even hold a jewelry that is made out of these. First harvest of the black pearls is seen to be done around 1965 and in less than seven years the whole black pearl industry is seen to have a great growth. However, making the purchase for genuine items and that too at the best price can be a difficult task which is why the following lines provide information on how to buy black pearls.

The three things which the users should know about is the size, the thickness and the luster of the pearls is used for their identification andBlack-pearl-necklace grading. The pearl size is calculated in diameter and the terms used here are millimeters. The round ones are calculated by their shortest diameter whilst the second ones are calculate using the two diameter rule. The normal size of the black pearls is seen to be between nine and twelve millimeters with the ones ranging between 12 and 14 are considered to be the best ones.

After that there are the size 14 to 16 ones which are rare and the most expensive. 18 mm Black Pearl earringsThe rarer ones are larger than sixteen mm but no one has seen black pearls larger than 18 mm. Then there is the nacre thickness which determines the luster quality and life of the pearl. This is actually the layers of material that is deposited on the surface nucleus of pearls and it could be thin or thick. More than or equal to eighty percent thickness is considered to be thick whilst below than that is considered thin.

The government of Tahiti allows the thick nacre pearls to be exported to other countries whilst the thin nacre ones are rejected. This is done because the thick nacre enhances the pearl looks as the luster and overtones is doubled. Then there is the luster which refers to the gleam and shine of the pearl???s surface. The internal nacre layer reflects the light that falls on the pearl surface. The general Tahitian pearls are seen to possess good luster but even that can be distributed into four grades that is soft, medium, high and very high. The price also increases in this order because of the brilliance of the whole gem.Black-Pearl-Bracelet