The famous Olivine mineral Peridot is quite rich in iron and magnesium. The name of the stone is derived from Peritot which is a French word that means not clear and that basically means the inclusions that are seen in the stone.

peridot earringsThe stone has an Arabic name Faridat which means gemstone. Some refer to the stone as evening emerald, olivine and chrysolite. This semi precious stone is quite sough after because of its resemblance to emerald which is quite a precious stone. Moreover, the transparency and incredible color of the gemstone makes it desired in all corners of the world. However, before making a purchase for the stone, it is quite important to be aware of the characteristics and properties of the stone. The following lines provide information on how the stone should be identified depending on the 4C stone.

The color of the stone is the best characteristic of the gem. It has small quantity of yellow and golden in it. The basic color is light greenish with a small touch of yellow/golden in the stone. The green color variation depends on the iron amount in the stone. The green color increases with the amount of the iron present in the stone and the best colored stone variations are seen to contain around two to fourteen percent. The stone should have even and intense color distribution all over. Moreover, the color of the stone should remain the same if it is in dim light or in the dark. The stone???s brightness should be similar on the back and the front. The authentic stones are seen to emanate a rich shine and blaze when light passes through it.Peridot BraceletThe cut of the fabulous gemstone is difficult to handle during the initial periods. Because14k-white-gold-trillion-peridot-pendant of their roughness, the crystals are processed with difficulty and it takes a lot of precision when cutting the stone as it can break into pieces. The smaller shaped stones are calibrated whilst the bigger ones are cut into specimens. The classical shapes of the stone are marquise, emerald, pear, oval and round.

The stone???s clarity is a bit average and there are always some or the other flaws present in the stone. These are removedPeridot-and-diamond-ring whilst the cutting of the stone. The silky inclusions cannot be removed and are left untouched. The main determinant of the stone???s worth is carat and the price of the gem is directly proportional to the carat weight. The smaller stones are seen to be weighed along one to four carats and those who weight more are quite expensive.