Topaz is one of the most precious gemstones available nowadays. Also popular as the birthstone for those born in November, it is mostly used for couples celebrating the fourth year of their marriage. The best thing about this stone is that it can be worn proudly by both males and females. However, the market is seen to be flooded with people who are selling real topaz and also its imitations. This makes it important for the laymen to understand the necessary details regarding topaz which makes it easier to buy the stone. Topaz is seen to mainly originate from sedimentary iron cavities, rhyolite igneous rocks, granite cavities and silica plus hematite mineral composition in the sedimentary rocks.

fourth year marriage anniversaryBrazil is considered to be the main topaz producer in the world and a region near the Minas state in Brazil has been responsible for bringing Blue-topaz-jewelry-setthis gemstone to people around the world. Usually the stone comes in brown or colorless forms but there are some colored versions which are available in different parts of the world. These are natural variations which greatly enhance the preciousness and value of the gemstone. Experts say that it is important to examine topaz under several light sources because the color variations of the stone are several and this makes it important to check the genuineness of the color in suitable sources of light.

The red, pink and orange colors are judged best under the incandescent light. The blue topaz can show genuine radiance in fluorescentTopaz colors light and daylight. The translucent and transparent stone is seen to contain vitreous luster which gives it the feature of clarity. Some topaz crystals are seen to contain some inclusion that are in the form of tear cavities. The red color variation of the gemstone brings in a better clarity stone as compared to other variations.

The cut of the stone is as important as the clarity. Topaz is seen to possess quite good base cleavage which makes it quite simple to cut. This cutting is done like in the case for elongated stones and different cuts include pear shapes, cushion shapes, elongated oval shapes and emerald cut. The pear shaped one which features quite narrow shoulders is seen to reduce the gemstone???s weight. The buyer also needs to be careful regarding the imitations of the stone. The yellow colored topaz is mostly a fake as other natural stones like amethyst and citrine are heated to bring this color.Topaz-dec-birthstone