Egyptian legends have stated that tourmaline is popularly known as the rainbow stone because it is an amalgam of different colors.

Designer Green Tourmaline Ring Because of this characteristic, these stones are believed to match a number of tempers and moods due to their many faces. Because of their mystical quality, tourmalines are believed to be an extension of the humans itself and perhaps the best use of this stone can be in the form of rings. Whether it is their mystical healing powers, aesthetic value or beauty, buyers should know that they are getting all in one.

Tourmaline can exhibit a number of hues in multi colorTourmaline Flower ring or partial color forms and this is an exhibition of their double refraction nature which makes one see several shades in the same gem. The aspects that have to be taken in account while buying the tourmaline ring is clarity, color, quality, size and cut. The tourmaline colors can be divided into two basic categories which are the cool colors and the warm colors. The warm ones are the yellows, oranges and reds whereas the cool ones are violets and blues. The former look best in the incandescent light and the latter look great in moon light. When going for tourmaline, the buyer should examine the light effects on the stone and see how their appeal is.

Because of their color variations, the tourmaline has been divided into several categories and the purchase of the gemstone can be Green tourmaline ring with diamondseasily done when the user knows something or the other about these categories. The first one is the rubellite tourmaline which is the rarest and most costly of the stones. The color can vary from deep ruby to pale rose. This has to be known that with more impurities, the shades start getting darker and the price starts decreasing. The best thing about this stone is that it shows a number of different colors when it is viewed from several angles. This rubellite stone denotes relationship stability, friendship and love.

Then there is the elbaite tourmaline which is generally green but can also exhibit aEngagement-ring-green-diamonds-chrome-tourmaline number of other colors. The most unique in this is the watermelon form which appears to have a green skin but is actually red in the internal forms thereby giving it a natural watermelon look. Another unique characteristic of the stone is that it could have multiple color zones inside the same gem. Some other forms of tourmaline include Paraiba, tallow, blue and black.