For many years, turquoise has been a treasured semi precious gem and in all centuries people have used it to make a number of gorgeous

Seafoam Tourmaline Ring looking jewelry objects. Moreover, it is considered an important element in the southern American jewelry. The best thing about this gem is that it can be set with any oxidized metal, silver or even gold. Also, it can be well paired with other semi precious and precious stones. The turquoise combined with the oxidized metal and any other gem can bring a very individual antique look to the whole thing which is loved by jewelry enthusiasts around the world. This stone has high demand around the world with the most import coming from India and United States.

Another fact about this stone is that it is considered to be the oldest found gem. A numberTourmaline-earrings of ancient manuscripts in several countries say about their beliefs that are associated with this gemstone. Some say that the stone has medicinal properties and also powers that bring growth and prosperity. Nowadays, it is being used for any jewelry item possible that includes belts, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and even beads and other things.

This gem is the birthstone for the people who are born in December and is also the gemstone for fifth anniversary. It isn’t a transparent stoneTiffany-Platinum-Aquamarine-Tourmaline-Kaleidoscope-Earrings. and is cut into a number of shapes that include flower, round, heart and pear cut. The easiest and most common available shape is that of the oval one. Turquoise is seen to come in a number of colors and forms but the three varieties available in the market these days are the imitations or laboratory created, treated ones and the naturally mined ones. There are no best colors for this gemstone and the coloration here only depends on the rock???s chemical composition. This is the reason behind the statement that no two turquoises can have similar colors. The range of the colors lies between bright green to pale blue.

The blue in the stone is because of the copper presence and the green shade is because of the aluminium or iron presence. Those gems which have a yellowish greenish shade come from traces of zinc present in there. As one can see, these rare combinations of several elements are the reason why there are a number of colors of this gemstone. The rarest color is the intense or the pure blue and that is why it is believed to be charged the most.yellow turquoise ring