diamond61 Choosing the Diamond Shape For the Ring

The best thing about the diamonds is that it can be cut into several shapes and the buyers get to choose from several spectacular shapes that aren???t usually available in any other gemstone. This is possible because of the fact that this stone lays a spectacular ten on the hardness scale meaning that it is extremely difficult to break down. This means that in the hands of a good craftsman, the diamond can be slowly and easily transformed into a spectacular piece. Almost in all the cases, couples always go for diamond rings for their engagement because of the fact that diamonds have a seal of forever about them that no other metal or element seems to carry. However, when it comes to the wedding ring, the shape or the diamond form is important and so is the cut as this resembles the craft of the diamond and also its price.fancy cut diamond chart 268x300 Choosing the Diamond Shape For the RingThere are several shapes that the user can choose from and the below mentioned ones are some of the most prominently used today when it comes to diamonds. The first one in the list is the round shapedround shape ring1 Choosing the Diamond Shape For the Ring?? one as the traditional form of diamond is round. Because of this, the round shaped ones have the most brilliance and shine and are the most popular. Moreover, they can fit all styles and designs of the engagement rings. Then there are the princess shaped diamonds which include a smaller square on the top of the traditional square shape of the diamond. This gives it a more royal feel and the basic rectangular design makes it possible for them to get the best shine and clarity.

The next one is the emerald shaped diamond which includes square shaped diamond but where the corners have been rounded. This usually resembles a box which is being looked down. emerald cut diamond rings Choosing the Diamond Shape For the RingThis is considered to be emerald cut because of the fact that emeralds are cut in the same manner. It resembles a clear glass but the emerald cut has a lot less facets as in the case of the round diamonds. The oval shaped ones are another popular choice because they are closer to the round one and can fit all the designs. This gives the finger a more graceful and slender appearance which makes it popular amongst women.

The pear shaped diamond is also seen to resemble droplet because of the rounded bottom with both the sides being tapered together to form a drop of a diamond. pear engagement rings Choosing the Diamond Shape For the RingThis is quite enchanting and used often.?? Then there is the heart shaped diamond which is the rarest of the list because of its difficulty of achieving this shape. However, being the symbol of love, this is seen to have the most impact when given to a woman.

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