Conflict diamonds is the name given to the stones which are mined in the war areas and then are sold illegally and stealthily so that the wars and conflicts can be further financed. Although the diamond in its purity is considered to be symbol of romance, joy and love, the conflict ones are seen to be associated with suffering and bloodshed. Conflict-diamondsThe gem diamonds are considered to be a lot more costly than the industrial ones and are mostly found in Africa – the place where most of the problems seem to occur. It is stated that the conflicts in Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Angola have been strengthened by the sale of the illegal diamonds. The war of the insurgents and rebels against the legitimate governments is funded by the sale of conflict diamonds in the clandestine trade.

Moreover, the UNITA (national union for total independence of Angola), RUF (Revolutionary united front) and the Sierra Leone rebels were financing their insurgencies with the help of the conflict diamonds. The forces used the diamonds to fuel their illegal activities and also purchase ammunition. It is very difficult to trace the rough diamond???s origin and once they have been polished, it is quite difficult to recognize them later. Moreover, there is a belief that these diamonds were employed for financing the attacks that happened in September 11th, 2001 on the twin towers in America.Diamonds-In-AfricaIt is very unfortunate that the mineral resources which should have had been employed for the economic benefit of the people are being used for their destruction. The blame shouldn???t be given exclusively to the Blood diamondsinsurgents and rebels as there is also the nexus between the mercenaries, clandestine arm dealers, corrupt local officials, smugglers and shadowy traders. These groups are responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of individuals and the reason goes to the conflict diamonds trades and because of?? them the name is given blood diamonds.

Moreover, there are statistics that the RUF and UNITA rebel groups deal in diamonds that amount to almost two hundred million dollars every year. It is seen that the international diamond trade requires a lot of diamonds to fulfill the legitimate diamond requirements. Thereafter, these are fulfilled by the traders as they buy almost more than a hundred million dollars worth of diamonds from the Sierra Leone rebels every year. They don???t care about the origination of the diamonds but only care about their profits.Unita  observationIn the nineties, the peak of massacring which affected millions in Africa was fuelled by the fact that these traders were buying conflict diamonds from the rebels in the Sierra Leone. Because of that, a lot of media channels pull their journalists out of the country out of fear for their life.