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Diamond Stud Earrings Complete Review

Diamond is among the most brilliant precious stones and is an ardent desire of every fairer sex. Every female dreams of wearing a piece of jewelry in this precious metal and hence the online sale of diamond jewelry is on a rise.

Diamond jewelry can be used either as gifts or just as assets and no matter what your intention behind the purchase are, this precious metal is sure to show its charm on one and all.

If you want to woo your lady love and make a sempiternal impression, you certainly need to consider giving diamond stud earrings as gifts. Category 181 Diamond Stud EarringsYou might be wondering why only studs and not any other piece of jewelry? The reason behind this is that you can own a pair of beautifully crafted studs in a very reasonable budget and unlike most other pieces of jewelry, these studs would be clearly visible even from far and would always remind you of your fondness for her.

If you have already gifted her one earlier and do not want to make your gifts repetitive, you can think of buying a larger pair this time and I am sure she would be delighted. Earrings or studs are something that is often changed according to the apparel worn and giving her a new pair would give her more options.

She would be thrilled and believe me there could be no other gift as suitable and ideal for your beloved as diamond. Since this is such a rare metal that it would please her and she would love flaunting them in ceremonies. Also diamond is the sole metal that goes off well both with formal and informal occasions. She can even wear it for her work or might just love to accessorize her studs within her gowns to create that special magic during casual evenings. Diamond is the perfect gift for ladies and you can be assured that this gift would not just please her but you too when she would make you feel like a king.

Most women by nature look for men who care for them and make them feel like a princess. There could be no better way than presenting her diamond jewelry to make her feel that way. If you are content with what I have just said and believe every word of mine you need to keep glancing at this page since I am going to reveal the basic nuances of diamond.ea57 300x190 Diamond Stud Earrings

Since diamond is no ordinary metal you must select it very wisely in order to be assured of all the four C???S that determine the quality of this hardest element on earth. Most people tend to prefer purchasing everything online in order to save time and get rid of the various hassles that are often involved in offline shopping. If you intend to purchase diamond stud earrings online, you need to pause and read this article prior to purchase. You would find numerous websites loaded with various online vendors of diamonds each vouching for their credibility. You must pick and choose or else you would be losing out on a hefty sum. This does not entirely mean that none of the online vendors are trustworthy and there are many companies in this trade who are very genuine. When you look forward to buying diamond jewelry you must look for these 4C???s

These four factors are very essential and can make a diamond a very special one. It is a known fact that diamond is usually colorless albeit nowadays variety of range of colors is available. These ranges may differ from one jewelry to another and a particular range of color may be suitable for a particular jewelry but not for all.If you intend to buy diamond stud earrings, you can choose the range from H-J. This could be the apt range and if you think of choosing a higher range than this it would be useless. The distance from which a stud is normally looked at would prevent you from appreciating the beauty of the studs, if they are above this range. In case you still have doubts you must consult the CSR- Customer Service Representative who if knowledgeable enough would give you the right guidance in terms of the range of color in case of diamond stud earrings.
When you look for the clarity factor, I1 clarity is sufficient and quite reasonable for studs. You need to grab some basic knowledge on these 4 C???s prior to talking to these CSR since most of them wouldn???t hesitate providing you with the wrong information just to sell their product.
Even the studs that are sold online are mostly uncertified and it gets even worse to trust their authenticity. They might range their studs as having I1 clarity although the fact might be something else. It is commonly seen that most online vendors sell studs which have low I1 clarity and sometimes even I2. You could well be cheated in that case since once you receive the delivery of your studs you would notice inclusions in them which would be clearly visible to the naked eye. As far as Cut is concerned, it is no less important than other factors. In fact it is the most important since an original diamond has no glaze of its own and it achieves that sparkling brilliance only after the cut that it undergoes. In case of diamond stud earrings you can be relaxed about this factor because of the distance from which the studs are generally viewed by the onlookers.product5 250x250 Diamond Stud Earrings
GIA Cut is quite good for earrings or studs. You must also consider the carat prior to purchase and the price of your stud would vary considerably according to the carat. A pair of studs which is absolutely clean to the naked eye is worthy enough of buying and you would not know this until you get your piece of jewelry in your hand. In order to ensure all the aforementioned factors you need to keenly analyze some of the well known online diamond vendors. Apart from the quality of diamond and all the 4 C???s that determine its quality you must also choose for those online vendors who have highly knowledgeable and experienced team of staff. Since it is a fact that most people are not too well versed with the basic nuances of diamond and desire to get some helpful ides, such staffs could be of great help.
Also it is important to choose those online diamond vendors who have easy and efficient refund process and give you a warranty over the jewelry purchased. Sometimes it so happens that you may be too impressed by the studs shown on the monitor and find the pair of diamond stud earrings too tempting but once you get its delivery you notice the marked difference. If the online vendor from whom you have purchased your diamond stud earrings have sound money back guarantee you would at least not need to compromise with that unworthy asset and would have an option of getting your hard earned money back.
Although this is hard to decide since most online vendors do not follow their own terms and conditions and despite of vouching of money back advantage, they make the entire process so lengthy and full of hassles that you feel disgusted. Often the representatives are too polite and friendly when you consider their advice while purchasing but change their color like chameleon when you want to return and claim your money. Although this again may not be true for all online vendors since there are some proficient ones in this trade who are as courteous while refunding the money, as they are while selling their jewelry.


They are pleased to assist you in both circumstances and they are the ones who have managed to create a niche for themselves in this trade. Their popularity and credibility is based largely not just on the quality of diamond they give to their clients but on the efficient and amicable nature of their employees as well. Here is a quick review of some of the well known online diamond vendors and you if you continue glancing at this page you would learn about the major aspects of each.
This would be of paramount importance to you and would help you make the right decision of buying the best diamond at the best price. When you analyze each of these brands you might see that one of them may be good in one aspect and another in some other aspect. You need to consider your priorities and only after keenly analyzing each and summing up their advantages and disadvantages should you make your decision.Some of the well known names in the trade of online diamond jewelry are mentioned below:

A.)?? Zoara – This brand is the latest kid who has emerged on the block of online diamond jewelry but this has not been a hindrance in its popularity. This brand has slowly but certainly created a rage and has become an envy of itszoara logo Diamond Stud Earrings competitors. The USP of this brand lies in its lowest price range and it vaunts of the cheapest diamond online. The best part of this is despite of being so very affordable and economic; you can be assured of getting the best quality diamonds. The low price range does not deter the quality of diamond used in the jewelry and you can completely rely on them. All their jewelry comes along with GIA and AGS certificates and this proof is enough of their authenticity. Even their website is very eye pleasing and easily navigable. They allow their customers to view the magnified photographs of the precious stones which help the customers to keenly observe the piece of diamond selected by them. They give you an option of designing the diamond stud earrings of your choice. Nevertheless, if you do not want to get into the hassles of designing your own studs either due to lack of knowledge or interest in all that stuff, you can choose from among the vast collection of their pre-set ones too.


zoara giveaway Diamond Stud EarringsNow coming to their customer service representatives, it won???t be a bad idea to rate them 5/5. They are very amicable and friendly. The way each client is greeted and given the importance is credible enough and they certainly need word of accolades for that. Their constant email service would further help you remain informed about the latest updates. The only factor where you might feel slightly disappointed is in their packaging which is just average.

There is nothing which can draw your attention and this certainly going to get you in dismay. It is often said the presentation is no less important and can help to create a vast impact.
I really wonder that a brand which is so superior in all other factors has such average packaging. They certainly need some reformation on their packaging style and if that is done they could be the leading online vendor of diamond. You can also be completely relaxed about the studs which can be easily returned without any hassle if in case you are disappointed.


B.)?? Diamond Wave??– This again receives a 5/5 rating for their efficient and effective service. If you contact them through phone you would be greeted by none other than its founder, Pamela Scott.

Her pleasing and courteous approach would make you feel completely at ease and this makes their customer service way ahead of others. They have toll free DiamondWave logo Diamond Stud Earringsnumber and hence you do not lose any money while making calls. Even the representatives that follow you after a brief greeting by the founder are too friendly and too full of knowledge.??They would help you choose the right stone and they just do not want to push their jewelry by any means. They are reliable and trustworthy and no matter how much of information on diamond stud earrings you want from them, they are too pleased to suffice you with that.

This does not mean that they lure the clients with ornamental words since their jewelry speaks of their quality.

The diamond sold by them is very high quality ones and flawless. The fine cuts and their SI1 clarity are really commendable. Some of the pieces also have VS2 clarity which is often hard to find in diamonds from other brands.

Almost 90% of their diamond is mined from Canada and thus you can be assured that you are going to get the best quality diamond stud earrings. The only other drawback of this brand too lies in its packaging which is just slightly better than Zoara.



C.)?? James Allen??– It is one of the most renowned name in the trade of online diamond and really needs little introduction for the residents of New York. Their Customer Service Representatives are by far better than both Zoara and Diamond Wave. Their unique service can be credited from the fact that unlike most other brands where you are greeted by a new representative each time, James Allen offers you to get in touch with the same representative. This makes it very easy for the customers to put forward their doubts and do not need tojamesallen logo Diamond Stud Earrings express their discomfort or inconvenience over and over again. Their extensive phone hours are another USP which only few other brands offer. The most luring feature of James Allen is that they help you view the 3-D image of the diamond stud earrings. Such images can help you get a very clear picture of how your chosen diamond stud earrings would look like. Even in case of packaging they far outshine most other brands and the packaging is really exquisite and appealing to the eye. This would certainly please the lady more whom you intend to give the diamond stud earrings. They maintain the G-H color range and the clarity of SI1/SI2 in all their diamond stud earrings.


D.)???? Blue Nile??– You may not find their customer service representative too friendly and very humble albeit their knowledge on diamond is praiseworthy. The most attractive feature of Blue Nile rests on the flexibility of their workingblue nile logo Diamond Stud Earrings hours, thus making it easier for those who reside on the Western Coast. Their phone hours are the most extensive but the packaging too degraded. There is nothing unique or attractive about them and the overall look is just mediocre. Although the color and clarity of their diamond stud earrings are well within the specified range yet their average packaging just overshadow these advantages.


E.)???? Abazias – This brand has nothing which it could vaunt of except for the ease with which they accept their product when it is returned. You never approach an online vendor with the intention of returning what you hadabazias logo Diamond Stud Earrings purchased. Its least expected from the customer???s side and happens only in rare circumstances. Hence very few people can think of approaching Abazias for their diamond stud earrings. Not only are their customer service representatives ignorant about the basic knowledge of diamond but irresponsible too. Even the quality of diamond they sell is of two types and you would need sufficient knowledge prior to purchase to get hold of good quality diamond stud earrings.

F.)???? Mazal Diamond – Although their phone service might not please you due to their odd working hours yet you would certainly be impressed with their knowledgeable and friendly team of staff. Even their packaging is better than most other companies that are in the trade of online diamonds. They are the mazaldiamond logo Diamond Stud Earringssole online vendor of diamonds who provide certificate of authenticity with their diamond stud earrings. The IGI certificates accompany every box of jewelry and you can trust their reliability factor. Also they are the sole vendors who provide you diamond stud earrings with F/G color which is not too often available in other brands. Although you may have to shell a comparatively extra sum for diamond stud earrings from this brand yet the price spent is worthy enough. Even their return process is quite easy and without any sort of hassles. Hence if you are dissatisfied with even the slightest of its features you can get your money back within a short period.

G.)???? B2C Jewels – This brand again has many features that are least tempting and has nothing that could draw the attention of the buyers. Although you might find their customer sales representative very friendly and humble butb2c logo Diamond Stud Earrings where knowledge is concerned, they are way back. They lack even the basic knowledge of the 4 important C???s of diamond which is quite astonishing from a person in this trade. The very first introduction that you have with them would leave you very surprised and hence it really needs a lot to rely on the authenticity of the product of such brand.??Although you would their website very pleasing and easy to navigate yet this does not count much. The quality of the diamond is the topmost priority for most buyers and B2C Jewels comes nowhere to buyer???s expectations. The quality of the diamond stud earrings is one of the cheapest and has black unimpressive inclusions. Also they are not very clear to the naked eyes which itself is another evidence towards its degraded quality. Even the Cut of the stones would be rated as just average and you must do quite an elaborate analysis about this brand before considering to purchase your much loved diamond stud earrings from them.

Now that you are well versed with some basic nuances of diamond, it would be of help to you during your purchase. Since diamond is such expensive jewelry you should not be led by your nose or else you would have to pooh-pooh your idea later. You must critically analyze each of the above leading brands and gauge your priority prior to purchase.

If you want to go for cheap and best, Zoara could be your best pick. No matter which brand or online vendors you choose, you should never compromise with the SI2 qualities in diamond stud earrings.

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