Getting engaged is one such special occasion which every woman all over the world would want to remember and cherish forever. And


engagement rings have certain special value attached to the occasion. Engagement ring is usually presented by a man to his??prospective lady or spouse as engagement gift or betrothal gift while he proposes marriage to her. And also, engagement ring could also be directly given as a way of proposing for marriage or it could be very well presented after she accepts his marriage proposal. This way of giving and receiving the engagement ring is a formal agreement to marriage in the near future. And the engagement ring is usually worn on the fourth finger, since there is belief that a vein in the fourth finger directly connects to the person???s heart. This popular belief is commonly seen in movies as well.

The practice of giving and receiving the engagement ring is usually seen in the western culture. But now-a-days, the young men and
women of the Indian society also follow such practice, thus paving the way for east meets the west. The proposed to be married couples choose to buy the engagement rings together. And this allows them to choose the engagement rings of their preferred choice. They decide upon the best shape, size, design and style suitable to their finger and liking. They also decide on the type of metal, stones, setting, band size, their favorite jeweler and also according to their budget.

Now-a- days, people also like to have engravings or inscriptions on their engagement rings. These engravings could well be their spouse???s names (that is; name of the boy on the girl???s ring and vice versa), or wedding dates or it could well be any personal messages or quotes. After all, engagement rings remind one about the occasion as well as the entry of that special someone into their life, which each and every person want to cherish.