Diamondwave, one of the leading internet jewelry providers, just launched their new website that promises to revolutionize one’s purchase experience of a diamond ring online. After years of customer input, Diamondwave perfected the entire sign layout and design to help refine your selection quickly. DiamondWave began in 2008 as just a vision at the time Pamela Scott decided to take her 20+ years of diamond buying experience and share her expertise with online diamond shoppers. She has built her reputation on her high ethical standards and takes pride in helping customers find a diamond that suits their taste and budget.

Helps Customers buying the right diamond:

There are NO COMMISSIONS to order with DiamondWave; they pride themselves on straight up, no nonsense advice. Pamela has helped 100???s of customers and not all of them bought from DiamondWave if she didn’t have it she directed them to someone who did. Those customers remember this and have come back to DiamondWave for their other jewelry purchases. Starting with Diamond Education, Diamondwave offers easy to understand guides discussing Diamond Cut, Diamond size, Diamond Clarity and Diamond Color. These easy to read guides with clear pictures build customer product knowledge and makes buying a diamond less stressful. The new site offers an intuitive approach to help one to filter through the 1,000s of products on the site. Once chosen, a Diamond ring style one can quickly filter the selection on price, ring color etc. The pictures are beautiful and really allow to fully appreciate the beauty of the ring by using the magnify feature which displays a high resolution magnified picture. Choosing a particular carat weight, minimum color, price range and clarity have been simplified to a simple pull down menu. The pricing is aggressive and the online ratings are all astounding. Diamondwave will be adding the loose stone feature in the future; customers can email the diamond consultants with any requests and they can assist with finding the right diamond.

Diamondwave Specializes in Canadian Diamonds:

DiamondWave owns thousands of diamonds at any given time and specializes in Canadian diamonds from the Northwest Territories. Nearly 90% of all their diamonds are Canadian mined and come with a ???Canadian Mine Origin Document??? for authenticity. Diamondwave offers an extensive line of Diamond Stud Earrings in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. The prices vary based on stone size and material type. The earrings come with screw on backs to prevent any accidental loss of your jewelry. In December, Diamondwave started selling Crisscut Diamond Engagement rings by Christopher Designs. Crisscut is a patented technique in diamond cutting that allows the stone to be cut in various unique patterns that display the stone’s true beauty and increase the value of the jewelry. The collection became an immediate success.??Breathtaking in design and set in 18k white gold, each ring is a masterpiece. ?? Diamondwave carries an elaborate collection of engagement rings that include single center diamonds, multiple diamonds, side stones, and ring shapes from low profile to vintage designs. A popular trend is to build your own ring using simple instructions provided on the Diamondwave site.

What to Consider When Designing Your Jewelry

Decide what diamond you want to buy. We offer diamond clarity from Flawless
to I2 Clarity and Color D-Z. If you need help deciding what diamond to buy, or have questions call our Diamond Consultants. Diamond pricing depends on diamondwave-bannervarious factors: cut carat weight, color and clarity. Since diamonds are considered a commodity, diamond prices fluctuate; therefore, the time at which our buyers make a purchase affects the cost. They can send you a loose diamond, set the diamond of your choice in a setting we carry, or we can find a specific style within our casting companies if you can’t find it on our web site. Can’t find the right diamond? Contact the diamond consultants and they are happy to assist you. You might even find that Pamela answers your call or email. Looking for colored diamonds? They have access to Pinks, Yellows and Blues or any other colors that are available. We also offer other precious gems such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more. Show them what you are looking for. If you can’t find a style you are looking for on the web site, please send us a photo, link or sketch of the style and they will be glad to help you. * Based on availability of custom designs.

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Diamondwave generous 45 day, no questions asked return policy which is 50% longer than most online jewelers gives customers extra confidence knowing they have ample time to review their purchase.

10 Year Trade-Up Guarantee on Certified Diamond Purchases.

When your 45-Day Money Back Guarantee has expired and you purchase one of our GIA or AGS certified diamonds you can still trade up to one of greater value for the next 10 years! The trade up credit will be equal to the diamond’s full purchase amount. There is no limit on the number of times you can upgrade your diamond and there is no restocking fee. This does not apply to preset non-certified products. For example, if you???re original GIA or AGS certified diamond was purchased for $3,000 and you would like to upgrade to another GIA or AGS certified diamond that is priced at $4,500, you would only pay $1,500.

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Free shipping is offered site-wide.??Additional information can be found on the Diamondwave blog and Facebook. For additional information regarding Diamondwave please contact Diamondwave at service@diamondwave.com