Very few people know this fact that the turquoise that is mined cannot be directly used for mounting on bracelets or rings. The raw gems which are

turquoise-ringmined are very small in their size and these crystals can only be viewed through microscopes. Because of its hardness scale rating of two to six, this is a very soft stone and even at very hard it can still be cut by window glass. However, original turquoise is difficult to cut because of the porosity of the thing and that makes them very unusable for ornaments and jewelry. Then of course there is the argument that turquoise is seen to be carved or inlaid in a number of gems like pearls, jasper, coral and sometimes even with gold.

These associated have a better hardness scale rating which means that turquoiseTurquoise Stone Braceletpresence in their can make it vulnerable to scratches and cracks. Even the high value turquoises have to be processed in the right manner before they are to be mounted on ornaments. These treatments include dying, coloring, waxing and stabilization. The main treatment purposes are to enhance the hardness of the stone whilst reducing its porosity which combines to make this stone more durable and more usable. The color treatment is done to increase the glittering effect and also protect it from changing the color which occurs due to natural light, heating and fading.

The stabilization process is done for most of the turquoise stones and this process includes a number of treatments which include plastics impregnation, colloidal silica deposition, staining and wax. The wettingCameo Turquoise effect to the stone is provided in the first treatment which is oiling and light waxing. This is done to enhance the luster and color of the thing whilst the wax is done to add wax on the turquoise surface. This is done to ensure that the sunlight or heat don???t fade the color of the stone and also protect them from other chemicals and body oils.

The porosity is also reduced by pouring the turquoise into acrylic resigns or epoxies so that the pores infused in the turquoise can make it more solid. Once the pores have been filled, the hardness enhances automatically. Another wonderful addition to this is that the color of the element also starts looking fresher. Just hardened or waxed stone through simple resin treatment doesn???t decrease the turquoise value. Then there is the osmosis of plastics or the plastic impregnation which is done to increase the durability and hardness whilst also reducing porosity.Turquoise earrings