The emerald stone has been fascinating the plant right from the time it was discovered and it is still considered to be one of the favorite gemstone of all the elite classes and dynasties that have ruled the world. One popular example is that of the Indian rule ShahJahan who was so mystified by the beauty of these gemstones that he decorated the famous Taj Mahal with a spectacular inlay of emeralds and number of other precious gemstones. Egyptian pharaohs used to go for this stone in their crowns and some were also buried with their emeralds. Some also believe that this auspicious stone can remove all evils from one???s life.

diamond emerald tiara 300x182 Differentiating Natural and Synthetic EmeraldHowever, with the change in time and the increase in its demand, a number of fraudulent companies and individuals have started selling the imitations and the synthetic emeralds in the name of the real ones. 51SDEyb5JzL. SL500 AA280  Differentiating Natural and Synthetic EmeraldThere are imitations available for those who wish to buy them but the problem comes when they come in the market in place of the real ones. These are very cheap as compared to the original ones and it is important to know how to differentiate so that the best choice can be made. The following lines provide information on some of the major differences that are quite obvious or sometimes less obvious between the natural and the synthetic emeralds.

The specific gravity of the natural emeralds is seen to be higher than the synthetic ones and the same is the case when it comes to the refractive indexes. Aside fromAAAADD9Jep4AAAAAAWQ7dg Differentiating Natural and Synthetic Emerald that another difference can be seen because of the making of the synthetic emeralds. The hydrothermal and flux growth processes which are used to make the synthetic ones make the lab made stones to shine a very unexciting shade or red in UV light. However, this phenomenon is not experienced when it comes to the natural emerald.

The natural emerald is also devoid of the feathery inclusions which are quite famous when it comes to the synthetic ones. Moreover, the impurities in the natural emeralds are seen to produce a spectacular green light but the synthetic emeralds aren???t able to replicate that phenomenon. Moreover, the natural emeralds can be made clearer and better looking if they are oiled or rubbed with resin but this cannot be done with the synthetic ones. It is important to be aware of the fake or the lab made emeralds because the real green stones are considered to be second most precious gems after the diamond and are priced on basis of that.catphoto Differentiating Natural and Synthetic Emerald

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