Proposing your lover is never easy, of course it???s not the I LOVE YOU that one finds difficult it???s the procedure of asking your lover, will they spend the rest of their treasured life with you that makes the men bite their nails. Well the art of proposal ranges back from the inception of humans itself but how you are going to? Depends upon a lot of things, some men and women might not like being proposed in an open platform while some dream a heroic moment like it since teenage. Some people might love bragging about their romantic lives on social media, a few others prefer to keep it intimate and personal. So below given are a few tricks which will help you to make your love proposal discreet in the way you want to;


marriage proposal


1-?????????? You can always surprise your lover with an engagement ring in the food you specifically cook for them or you can ingest that in her toothpaste, so as she wakes up in the morning to a tiresome day and puts her paste on the brush a surprise engagement ring will really shock her up and as she moves back in the room to confirm you sit on the bed with champagne to celebrate. A perfect moment isn???t it?


2-?????????? One fine evening as she is stepping out of her door and looking for a cab how romantic would it be if the first cab that she gets into takes her to this strange place which has candles are lit in a way that imply your ???will you marry me proposal???? with you already present there?


3-?????????? Another way for you to propose is to put the engagement ring in a secret compartment in your shared almirah with love letters and roses, you can also fill her bathtub with presents and roses adding to the charm would be aromatic candles. You can put the engagement ring in the bathtub attached with a rose.


4-?????????? Surprise them with a huge bouquet, some chocolates and a huge present. The huge present will contain numerous other smaller presents inside it and inside of it all will be a gorgeous engagement ring, smiling there and begging for a YES.


5-?????????? ??There is nothing better than one expressing their love in front of the world, an entire newspaper section purchased for the important question will not only shock them it will also be a perfect beginning to a joyful journey of spending your lives together.