Since ancient times, the peridot stone has been popularly used for a number of jewel items and that is the best use of the stone.

Peridot flower earrings It is believed that the emeralds which were worn by Egyptian queen Cleopatra were peridot. Found in a number of shades of brownish green, yellow green and olive green, the most priced color of peridot is considered to be lime green. With a hardness of seven on the hardness scale, this stone is quite clean and the darker shade variation is more priced. The earrings made from peridot are the ones which feature a lime green color. The facets and the cut of the gemstone are quite important for the earrings and the case is similar with peridot.

The cut of the peridot should be able to produce fire evenly and there shouldn???t be any darkPeridot earrings with diamonds patches on the stone when one looks directly at it. This can be made sure by observing the stone in fluorescent and incandescent lights. This can easily give an idea regarding the aforementioned fire and color change that should be experienced when wearing under the incandescent/fluorescent lights. There are other things which should be looked for when going for the peridot earrings and these are mentioned in the following lines.

It is best to go for a pair of earrings which have a light green vivid color. The peridot with no or very little olive shade is considered to Peridot-and-blue-topaz-earringsbe the most considered for earrings. The cut should be observed and the faceting should be without any dark patches and produces the fire or the color quite evenly. The American peridot is seen to weight around three carats or less and is the best size of earrings. Moreover, like other peridot gems, the value of the stone enhances with the carat. This way the small sized earrings become quite evenly priced for all sorts of buyers.

This stone is ideo-chromatic and its vivid light green and rich grass green colors are best for the earrings.14k-white-gold-diamond-and-peridot-earrings The peridot is best for general jewelry and also for earrings as it has the ability to look beautiful under all different light variations. It is inexpensive and people shouldn???t be afraid for going for a clean and clear peridot. The Myanmar peridots are seen to have sleepy look because of the small platelet type inclusions that are found in this. These have a different sort of charm that is quite appreciated when combined with an earring base.