Emerald Cut Aquamarine Cocktail Ring with Diamond Accent Shank in 14k White Gold1 Emerald Cut Aquamarine

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For beginners, the gemstone shape signifies the physical outline of the stone as it would look from the tip. When it comes to semi precious stones, the most popular shapes include cushion, oval, heart, peer, marquise and round. The faceting or the cutting style work is quite important as far as the emerald cuts are concerned. Simple faceting is seen to give a mirror reflect effect and that is where the light entering the gem is reflected from inside back to the person viewing it. The glitter and glow in the case of the gemstones is because of the human innovations that have come up. With faceting the two factors which are the rulers of a stone???s beauty are enhanced and they are intensity and transparency.

As far as aquamarine is considered, the designs preferred by the users are deep while the emerald cut is considered to be the best choice. When fashioned in emerald cut, the under and top sides of the stone are given flat surfaces thereby making the bottom facets as mirrors which are reflecting the light. This later enhances the brilliance of the stone. This emerald cut consists of twenty facets in the lower pavilion and sixteen facets in the upper surface or pavilion of the gem. This cut can also produce a good effect in the cushion shape, oval shape and also the pear shaped aquamarine.Cushion Cut Aquamarine1 300x190 Emerald Cut AquamarineThe cutters or factors usually go for 43 degree pavilions so that the aquamarine can shine with the best brilliance. Emerald Cut Aquamarine This conventional cut is done to bring out the best effect in the larger sized aquamarines as more light can be absorbed in large sized stones. Moreover, the radiation of the color is also going to be more in these circumstances which is why the big sized aquamarine faceted in emerald cut is seen to look a lot more colorful. Because of the minimal presence of the inclusions in the aquamarines, the emerald cut becomes even more suitable. The blemishes can subdue the color and also affect the dispersion of light which can be a loss with emerald cut.

When it comes to the jewelry, it is seen that the aquamarines with emerald cuts are seen to look a lot better in the male fingers as compared to the females.male ring Emerald Cut Aquamarine With modern designers gushing over its high clarity and pale color, it is best to go for a custom designed ring considering the fact that its hardness has inspired a number of creative cuts. One can find really unique looking aqua jewelry in the market which bring a modern look but retain its classic elegance.


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