Emerald, being a very popular gemstone (the second most popular after diamond) is seen to have deposits in Australia, India, Africa,

manishpotdar 977J5 1 185 Emerald Mines Around the World50th Madagascar, Brazil and USA. However, the origin of these gemstones is seen to date back till century BC in parts of Egypt and India. The name of the stone was derived from Smaragdos which is Greek for a stone in green color. One of the most famous emeralds is the two thousand carat jug which was cut from one piece of crystal in the treasure of Vienna. This stone is for the thirty fifth and twentieth anniversary and also the birthstone for May borns.

Coming back to the production countries, it can be fun to know about the emerald mines that are located around the world. Starting with Russia, the Urals Mining Corporation was started in the year 2005 and now they have the rights for the Sverdlovsk emerald deposit development which is located near malyshevo. A number of sources have said that almost six hundred kgs of emeralds are present in these mines in the C2 and C1 varieties. This company is the first of its kind and as of now the only mine in Russia going for emeralds.bk0503 236x300 Emerald Mines Around the WorldThen there is the popular emerald Hollow mine in northern Carolina, United States which is open for public display. This is one of the most fascinating and unique geological locations on the planet with more than sixty different gems and minerals occur their naturally and one can even see some rare gems that include quartz, sapphire, amethyst, citrine, aquamarine, topaz and even garnet. Then there are the Columbian regions which are considered to house or historically feature the best quantity and quality of emerald deposits around the world. Because of the requirement of emeralds in the form of their hydro thermal formation, the conditions requiring volcanic rhyolites, greisens and metamorphic schist are found predominantly in Columbia.Emeralds Colombia and Pakistan photo by pustule 300x225 Emerald Mines Around the WorldMoreover, these conditions are required for good production of all the importantpatricia emerald 632 carat colombian emerald 173x300 Emerald Mines Around the World beryl compounds. The hot water passing through the calcite rocks just add the Columbian benefits to the emeralds found here. Because of their distinguishable matrix rocks, one can easily make out and distinguish the emerald deposits that have come from the Columbian mines. The deposits and the gems here are worked through hand and are seen to be unearthed from grey and white pegmatic vein calcite. However, there is a popular fact that seventy percent of these are lost while the faceting process is going on.

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