The emerald gemstone is filled with a number of excellent features and is famous for several special and unique characteristic.

Hammerman Emerald Dia Necklace 233x300 Emerald Necklace It is important to make sure that one has all the knowledge regarding this gemstone as it gets one its proper value whilst also making sure that when combined with a necklace, it seems like the best choice possible. The modern jewelry can be made from a versatile and stunning range of semi precious and precious stones or sometimes the combination of both of these. Because of its rich and divine green color, the emerald has always been quite coveted by the popular and royals in the form of jewelry, whether it is in the present modern world or in the bygone ancient one.

The necklaces that have been crafted from this are a popular example of that as they not only look very beautiful but they also add a lot of class to the one who is wearing them. The rare and natural wonder of the stone can be lent to transform into quite possible some of the most stunning necklace designs which are desirable for both the old and the young. Just like all the other gemstones, the 4C or the cut, color, clarity and carat is important when going for this and the following lines should be read to makes sure that the best necklace choice is being done.elizabeth taylor emerald necklace xlarge 250x300 Emerald NecklaceWhen it comes to emeralds, the most unique and the important characteristic is their divine green color which also gives them the popularity of being the spring gemstone. Emerald Necklace Being a part of the Beryl family, the vanadium and chromium present in the stone give it its green color. The richness of this color enhances its value with the price increasing when the stone color gains its richness and saturation. The emerald with lighter green shade and less inclusions is considered to be quite cheaper.

Because of it being one of the hardest gemstones available to us, it has the most number of fissures and inclusions. These are easily visible to anyone but they never take away from the beauty of the stone. Still, if it is possible that the user gets a clear emerald then he or she should go for it. The process of cutting is quite problematic because of the stone???s brittle nature but the emerald cut has been designed to overcome that problems. Mostly rectangular and square, this cut adds a lot of beauty to the whole setting and as for the carat; the smaller ones are seen to be better as compared to the bigger and weightier ones.

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