The green stone emerald has a rich history and there have been a number of stories where this stone has been treasured and love by the ancient royalties. This was used as a worship object whilst also became a form of ornament.

EmeraldMoreover, people also used (mostly Indian Moguls) this stone as talismans for increasing their good luck. In today???s time, the popularity of the stone cannot be questioned with many clamoring to make this stone a part of their jewelry sets. Its divine green color is thanked because of the vanadium and chromium present in it and with a high hardness rating, this stone is believed to have the most fissures and inclusions as compared to other stones.

As for the origins, emerald is said to go back to almost thirtieth century BC with the ancient Egyptians and Indians believing that this stone used to signify rebirth and eternal love. The green color is the color of the nature and had always been Emerald-ganeshworshipped in the earlier ages whilst some also considering this the color of life. Because of the fact that the green color used to signify spring and the re-coloring of the forests, the green of the emerald signified rebirth and life. This made this stone being worshipped and loved as the one which symbolizes the life???s eternal cycle.

Even the Romans used to worship the emerald because of their beliefs that this symbolizes Venus who was also the goddess of beauty and love. One of the ancient and largest emeralds in the world has been auctioned by the Christies for a huge amount of money and it is also believed to carry sacred inscriptions written on it. Moreover, the green emerald is also seen to give the color green that is seen in the religion Islam.Emerald ring1The other major characteristic of the emerald apart from the green color are the fissures and the inclusions that are found in it. For beginners, these are caused by intense heat and enormous pressure that these stones have to experience at the time that they are being crystallized. Birthstone_may_emeraldThe flaws are seemingly minimized and the stone is also strengthened by treating it with resin or oils. Because of these cracks and inclusions, it is seen that this gemstone is quite durable and hard. Still, the color remains the most important characteristic and is the one to see when going for this stone. Also seen as the birthstone for the May borns, this stone is highly coveted by those born in or around this month for good luck.