Love, is perhaps the most beautiful and magnificent feeling in the world. A feeling so pure that changes your life, your state, actually your entire world. We all love someone; we really do but fail to express it. Some tend to show their feelings through a giant teddy bear while some find exquisite greeting cards the true messenger of their emotions. Years have come and gone but we as humans have stuck to the outdated means of expressing LOVE.


This year screw the old, this Valentine???s Day, cherish your love, encourage and celebrate it. Celebrate it in a way like no one else does. We all need grand love moments in our lives and here is your chance to create yours, just follow the steps mentioned below;


Firstly, make a promise to your selves that you will not buy crappy gifts for your valentine this year like an old painting or a locket with hearts that can have your photos. Go for a ring; if you are in a serious relationship go for a diamond ring, the best thing about diamond rings is that they are never out of fashion. Married love birds can go for wedding rings which are so in the fashion; preset rings are always the safest option.


Secondly, style up yourself. Look the best you can, charm and woo your Valentine. New clothes are not mandatory but a new style is a MUST.


Thirdly, make your love a magnanimous affair; arrange for a dance group. Select a groovy romantic dance number and practice with the group. If you are not a dancer try singing or just let the hired group perform and make your surprise entry at the end with your diamond/preset/wedding ring. Important fact is that this performance should be as huge as your love and a preferable place for the same would be their college or maybe an open market. Show your love to the entire world, everyone loves that.


So, what are you waiting for start now, the much awaited day is about to come. Prepare yourself to witness that pretty smile on your loved one???s face. Style up, pull up your socks and express your wondrous love.