Very few people know that one of the most important factors for deciding the pearl quality is its luster. A high luster can be easily judged by the clear and fantastic reflection on the pearl surface. Moreover, these also seem to have a warmer glow as compared to others. This pearl luster depends on the nacre thickness that coats the pearl and there is an understanding that the thickness of the layer of nacre is directly dependent on the time that the pearl is kept in the mollusk. But when it comes to buying necklace, earrings or any other jewelry that is made of pearls, it can be difficult to surmise what is the best price of the whole thing. There are a number of factors which affect the price and quality of the pearl and by knowing them, the user can make the best choice regarding which pearl they want and how much they should be paying for that.

pearl lusterAs aforementioned, the luster is one of the most important factors in deciding the pearl quality. The pearl with thin nacre isn’t of good quality and wouldn???t have the glow that is seen to be in the thick nacre ones. After luster, the second most important factor is the pearl surface. Most pearls are seen to have some sort of blemish or dent or some marks on their surface. These are better seen on the large sized pearls but the jewelers usually make sure that the given out pearls are treated and polished so that their surface looks flawless and smooth.6-5-7mm-aa-freshwater-pearl-16-length

However, it is understood that the pearl is going to have some or the other flaws considering Expensive quality pearlthey are made naturally. However, pearls with a lot of blemishes and dents should be avoided along with those which have overgrowths, holes or even deep cracks. The pearls which have a naturally flawless and dent free surface are very rare and these are not used for making any jewelry, just kept aside for simple view.

Moreover, another important thing which should be seen is the pearl origin as it also decides the price and quality. AA+ quality White South Sea Cultured Pearl NecklaceThe rare natural pearls are seen to command high prices and then there are the saltwater cultured ones. The cheapest ones are the freshwater cultured which can be suited to all budgets and pockets whether one is looking for expensive or economical. The last deciding factor is the shape with the round ones being the most valuable and one of the rarest round pearl examples is that of the black Tahitian.