In all likeness, the true popularity of Amber gem rose from the movie Jurassic Park where this gem was used for recreation of dinosaurs. Keeping the fantasy element aside, this organic gemstone is actually a pine tree sap that has been fossilized. One thing which should be noted is that a number of fraudulent stores have started creating faulty stones because of the increase in their demand. The imitation and looks of the true stone and the fake one are quite similar which is why it is important to check whether the stone can float on salt water or not. If it does then it is natural and real and if it doesn???t then it is a fake.

pine tree sap that has been fossilized


Pine Tree Sap Amber




Moreover, it also possesses static electricity charges which means when rubbed, it can attract small pieces of paper. The following lines provide information on the four main aspect s of any gemstone and ones which are used to check the genuineness of the item ??? color, clarity, cut, carat and some other measures too. The first option here is that of color and the natural Amber is seen to be of a honey color with the variations being from golden, brown, red, orange to deep yellow. Some other possibilities include green, blue, black, dark brown and even white.


amber attract small pieces of paper

As for the clarity, there are chances that some stones have few inclusions while this gemstone is most of the times quite clear. The inclusions and flaws are seen to be positive features considering they enhance the worth and look of the stone. In some countries, the presence of a gas bubble in the stone is seen to be a great sign. Sometimes man made treatments are done to make sure that the flaws are inserted in the gemstone. The varieties of the stone basically depend on the inclusions in it and these are either created or naturally formed. One such case is that of the fatty Amber which is seen to include gas bubbles and give a goose fat like appearance to the whole thing.


As for the carat weight, the one used in rings can be more than two carat whereas the ones in female pendants and rings are seen to be close to two ??? five carat. Although everyone can buy this gemstone, the price is seen to be a bit more than the general affordable range and is determined depending on the carat, the inclusions in it and the rarity of the inclusions.