It is rightly said that jewelry is the best friend of a women and there are countless men who would agree to the fact as they have paid inconsiderable amount of money on the three traditional best friends of women ??? diamond, gold and silver. However, with the passage of time, the trends are changing fast and nowadays even men are interested in the new changes that are being introduced in the jewel industry, most particularly being the introduction and rise in popularity of the gemstones. These semi precious stones are slowly rising in stature as compared to the traditional favorites and are slowly taking their place because of the color and beautiful variations that they bring to the table.

Bloodstone oval Bloodstone is one such miraculous gemstone which is quite popular for making all kinds of jewelry. Because of its good hardness, the number of cuts and the precision of the cuts have also made it a craftsman delight. There are a lot of jewel a store which sell genuine bloodstone laid earrings, bangles, rings and pendants but before going for them it is important to know some facts about this stone. The chemical composition of this stone is basic silicon dioxide and in other terms it is also called as chalcedony quartz. Bloodstone is also infamous by its name of heliotrope. bloodstone braceletAs aforementioned, the stone is quite hard and that can be signified by the fact that it weighs a good seven on the mohs hardness scale. bloodstone_powerHigher the value the harder is the stone which means that it won???t break easy and can easily tough out the cuts that any craftsman is going to make on it. The refractive index off the stone is around 1.550 which means that it easy to reflect light when it comes to bloodstone and that is important as it increases the shine of the gemstone. Not many would worry about it but the specific gravity of the stone is around 2.75.

As for the luster, because of its good refractive index, it reflects good light and has a bright luster. The most important aspect of the gemstones is their color and one can acquire this in dark green with brown or red shades. The crystal system of the stone is hexagonal while the state is quite opaque. This means that the clarity isn’t much but this doesn???t take away from its overall beauty which is considerably a big plus. This element is quite sensitive to heat but is not enhanced in any way. The most prominent sources of bloodstone include India, South America, China, Brazil, Kathiawar Peninsula, Australia and the United States.Shade of bloodstone