diamond51 Facts about Diamond

Although it is a fact that every woman considers the diamond to be her best friend, there are very few which know even the basic facts about diamonds. However, the following lines provide some basic information about the diamond and what it is. Their name has been derived from adamas, a Greek word which means something that cannot be conquered and that is why it is considered as king in the gems. Thus begins the reason as to why it rules all the queens??? hearts. This stone is set for the seventy fifth wedding anniversary and also for the engagement. The diamond can be understood if one checks out the Four C of the stone which is an important foray into checking the quality of any gemstone. This consists of the color, the cut, the clarity and then the carat.fact about diamond1 300x229 Facts about DiamondAlthough a colored stone can be an apple to the eye but the most preferred and priced gemstone, diamond, is colorless. Because of this quality, their sparkle and brilliance is termed as maximum as the reflection of the light is highest and the light travels fastest inside a diamond.Hk4S Facts about Diamond However, it also comes in the yellow and blue colors and then there are the greens, pinks, orange and browns. Although several surveys have stated that the colorless diamonds are costlier than the colored ones, the rarity of the deep colored diamonds makes their price substantially higher than the colorless ones.

The cut of the diamond is considered to be the most important as the beauty, the worth and the price of the stone depends on this thing. Moreover, the overall look and appearance of the thing is highly enhanced with the efficiency of the cut. This is where the reflective qualities are specified. In the best cut diamond, the light enters from one space, touches all the other facets and then goes out the same way it came thereby illuminating the diamond for the viewer. The stone is graded depending on the cut and these grades are poor, fair, good, very good and premium cut. Here, the ideal cut or the good cut is valued the most with the ones after it are highly sparkly and pricey while the ones below it are not chosen by many.deep shallow ideal copy 300x137 Facts about DiamondThen there is the clarity but it is obvious to expect some inclusions in the stone considering the formation of this stone is very complicated. The clarity here is calculated depending upon the visibility, size and amount of the flaws in the diamond. The last one is the carat weight and it is the measurement of the price of the diamond. Stones with smaller carat weight are easily available therefore meaning that they are cheaper than the ones which are larger.


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