Although the emerald stone is widely popular with those who love their jewelry, there are very few who actually know some basic facts about this gemstone. It is considered the birthstone for the May borns and is also the gifting stone for those who have completed their twentieth, thirty fifth or the fifty fifth year of marriage. Those who have a decent pocket can think of gifting this stone to the person they love considering the fact that the original emeralds are seen to be quite expensive. Those looking for simulators, synthetic or imitations can always get a decent price. But if one needs to avoid that fraud then it is best to know something about them.

EmeraldAnniversary 300x74 Facts About EmeraldEmeralds have their name derived from Essmeraude which is French but the origin was actually from Latin Greek as it was discovered million years ago in the CleopatraLearn More About Genuine Finest Emeralds Facts About Emerald mines in Egypt. Although this fact might be repeated quite a few times but to know the genuineness of the stone, it is best to know about the four C rule of the gemstones. In all the Cs, the color is considered to be the most important factor because the whole beauty and significance of the emeralds is that they come in some beautiful and divine looking green shades. The variations of the color occur because of the change in the chromium that is present in the crystal’s chemical composition.

It is said that no two deposits or mines would have the same composition or color of the emerald and that is why a number of emerald shades are seen to be in existence. With the enhancement in the chromiumhouseoftaylor emerald1 300x232 Facts About Emerald content in the stone, the color of it becomes dark and rich. As aforementioned, the color of the stone is quite important factor to judge the whole thing and one can even check the country from which it originated with the help of the color. The Columbian emeralds are seen to be deep green in their color with the Russian ones being pale and patchy green.

The stones from Zimbabwe are seen to also possess deep green color but their size is quite small.emerald 300x241 Facts About Emerald The gems which are mined in India are seen to be valued best and are bluish green in their color. The Zambian gemstones are also popular with their clarity and color being appreciated by most of the jewelry lovers out there. As for the other Cs, they are not as important as the color and if one does good research on the color then the whole thing can be made easier.

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