Sapphire is the uni or singular crystal form for corundum which is the mineral name for aluminium oxide. The pressure depths and the heat in the ground make sure that this corundum is crystallized into a splendid and beautiful looking white gemstone. When small elements and other compounds come in the mixture, like iron and chrome, this white crystal turns colorful. The sapphire stone is available in sunset and sky blue colors whilst there are a range of other colors which include green, orange, pink purple, yellow, red and blue. Another corundum gem is ruby and this has caused a debate as to which stone would be called sapphire and which ruby. Then it was decided that the red colored sapphires would be named as ruby whilst all the other would remain sapphires. As aforementioned, there are a number of colors in which sapphires are availed but the most popular ones are just blue and this is the color that people associate with it.

2 11759 160841 bergio 18kt white gold and sapphire ring  300x143 Facts About SapphiresThe fancy or other colored sapphires come in white, black, green, purple, pink and yellow color.13029P 31 300x185 Facts About Sapphires The best quality of the sapphires is that it has excellent hardness and that can be shown from its nine mohs hardness on the meter. This is the third highest hardness of a stone after diamond and ruby and this quality makes it easy for them to be handled and cared.

The sapphires are generally seen to occur in andesine dikes, pegmatite, igneous basalt, metamorphic marble and sedimentary limestone. star of worthington 1024x819 226x300 Facts About SapphiresThe natural corundum is always mined from the secondary deposits and very few times from the primary one. The various sapphire types and names include Star Sapphires, Padparadsha (a unique sapphire which has a pink undertone on the base of orange color), fancy sapphires and the blue sapphires. The star ones are very rare and the blue ones are very common.

As aforementioned, the blue sapphires are the most common and in ancient times every blue colored gemstone was called as sapphire. One example is of lapis lazuli. The naming has also been done on the Greek Sappheiros which loose translated comes out to be blue. This blue sapphire is available in a number of blue shades and the best part is that all these come in the color of skies. Whether it is the beautiful summer sky, a clear deep blue sky or even the evening deep blue skies, it is possible to get sapphires in all these colors. In fact, a survey said that blue is considered to be the favorite color of almost half the people around the world because of it being associated with symptoms like loyalty, friendship, harmony and tutti frutti small jpg11 281x300 Facts About Sapphires

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