One fact which is less known about turquoise is that this gem has been believed to be a holy stone and used for getting rid of the negative

Turquoise Necklaceenergies in an individual???s life. The clear and bright blue color of the stone is supposed to be symbol for happiness and brightness and is also believed to increase an individual???s self confidence. Professional astrologists believe that the stone can enhance the quality of relations in the wearer???s life and also bring in more kindness, trust, wisdom and mental clarity. Because of its highly desired blue color, this ancient stone is still at the peak of modern fashion. The blue in this stone is very distinctive from the other stones but the basic variations of this stone are seen to come in three different colors which include turquoise blue, blue green and pale green.

Turquoise word is used by a number of industries as another word for a special blue color. Turquoise-stone-earringsThe stone seems to appear translucent or opaque on its edges. The round shaped variation of the gem with unbroken surfaces is called as nuggets whereas the flat ones are seen to carry more width and length as compared to the thickness. Users can easily find Native American ornaments adorned with turquoise around the world. Legends say that a lot off countries have been using the stone for every purpose in life whether it is for giving as a birthday gift or going for Saturn remedies.

The chemical formulae of the stone contain a combination of phosphorus, aluminium, copper and some other elements. Iron can come like anTurquoise-gold-ring1 impurity and this mix can give the turquoise a greenish color while the iron free stones are seen to be deep blue. The presence of zinc in the gem brings a more yellowish tinge to the whole thing. The hardness scale rating varies from five to six but they are brittle and softer than window glass. The turquoise mother stone is matrix and sometimes people can find dark markings inside the stone because of this.

This stone is mined in a number of places around the world and is mostly seen where the Darling Pearl and Turquoise Earringswater percolates on the copper containing rocks. Nowadays, the mining of the stone is done in China, India, Chile, Australia, Afghanistan, Japan, China, Siam, Iran and United States. However, the color and the quality of the stone vary depending on the location from which the mining has been done. The Indian versions are seen to carry a greenish tinge whereas the clear blue ones are seen to be in and around Persia.