Zircon is one of the most prominent gemstones that are available in the market these days. It is a known fact that the semi-precious gemstones

Natural Blue Zircon & Diamond Ring Solid 14K White Goldare slowly taking over the market that was once ruled by the precious ones and this is mainly because they are a lot cheaper, come in a number of color variations and can go with almost all the forms of attires. The following lines provide information on some of the basic facts and properties of the mineral. The chemical composition of the gemstone is Zirconium Silicate. It is seen to come in a range of colors that include black, blue, green, gray, red, brown, yellow and also a famous colorless version. It is always rare to get a stone in colorless version which is prominent for its other color forms.

The streak on the stone is basically white and its physical characteristics include a 4.65Zircon Earrings specific gravity and a 2.00 refractive index. The luster of the stone is adamantine and the solid state can vary from translucent to transparent. The crystal system of the stone is tetragonal and it features a high rating on the hardness scale. In fact, its high 7.5 rating on the hardness scale makes it very difficult to cut and quite precious for those who wish to experiment with their gemstones. The craftsmen love the stones where they can bring in more variations and this is one of them. this is mostly mined in the regions of France, Tanzania, Nigeria, Brazil, Australia, Kampuchea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, United States, Canada, Sudbury, Bancroft, Russia, Pakistan, Norway, Germany and Seiland.

The user of the stone is always advised to protect it from sudden changes in temperature, excessive sunlight and heat, harsh Purple Zircon Rhinestone Necklace Setchemicals, hot water, scratches and also sharp blows to maintain its longevity. Aside from this, there isn’t really much which can be known about the stone because of the fact that it doesn???t have much uses. The most prominence of zircon is in the ceramics industry where it is used quite regularly. The most important feature of the stone is the chemical zirconium present in it. This stone and the element present in this makes it quite important for refractory purposes and it is actually one of the highest refractory metals known to man at this point of time. As for the ceramics, it is mostly employed as opacifier and some other uses.