Tourmaline in different languages and different name variations is seen to be referred as something which brings an assortment

Tourmaline Tassels Earring Jewelry 251x300 Facts And Buy Guide For Tourmalineof something. This is true considering the fact that it comes in a number of variations and colors. This semi precious gemstone???s name has been justified considering there are more than hundred different and diverse color variations of the stone in the market. This gemstone is basically a birthstone for the August Borns and also for the couples who are celebrating their eighth anniversary. Because of its versatility, it is said that no two tourmalines are seen to be different. Several times it has been said that the color of the tourmaline is its best characteristic and also the best judge of its genuineness. The basic color variations that are available in the gemstone are colorless, black, pink, brown, yellow, blue, red, green and a lot more.

Then there are the several variations. Basically, the stone is divided into ten differentMulticolor Tourmaline Bracelet 300x225 Facts And Buy Guide For Tourmaline variations and these are differed depending on their colors and also the minerals which are present in the composition of the compound. All the variations of tourmaline are seen to be special and exclusive for lovers of jewelry and sometimes the designers create incomparable jewelry items using all the variations of the rainbow.

A popular variation of the tourmaline is the watermelon which is the only kind of the gemstone pink tourmaline wedding ring. 283x300 Facts And Buy Guide For Tourmalineto feature a pink color in the stone???s heart and then there is a green colored layer which encircles the pink one. This is the best example for color variations in the cross sections that appear in almost concentric spheres. The professional jewelers and designers are seen to create fabulous jewelry by using them in a way so that the setting is done in slices. This is a change from the usual faceted stones which are seen in other gems and this is done to make sure that the incredible phenomenon of the green pink effect is bolstered.

Then there is the rubellite or the red tourmalines which are also the mineral that is14k Yellow Gold Blue Agate Pink Tourmaline 166x300 Facts And Buy Guide For Tourmaline responsible for red hue in the lithium compound. The stone color varies from deep ruby red to pale rose depending on the amount of lithium that is present in the composition. High lithium causes pale rose whereas low causes deep ruby red. The absolute deep red hue is the rarest and is considered to be the most expensive. The finest quality of Rubellite is seen to be present in the Nigerian mines. The genuine red colored stones are seen to also showcase intense red color in the incandescent light or daylight.

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