Pearls have several magnificent characteristics and based on these, the grading of the pearls is done. There is a very popular grading system for the pearls called the Tahitian system which is also acknowledged worldwide because of its universal applicability on black Tahiti pearls and south sea pearls which are saltwater. The Tahitian way is mainly designed for the grading of the saltwater ones on the scales A, B, C and D. In here, the pearls of the best quality come under the A category with D being the lowest category. The pearls whose quality are lower than D aren???t used for making any sort of jewelry or for exportation. These are just used for making pearl powder which is only sold in the region of Tahiti.

pearl lustre 300x76 Grading of PearlsThe first, the best and the A category of the pearls are seen to reflect colors, imagesPearl Ring 40s Grading of Pearlsclearly and also have an excellent luster. Most of these are seen to have clear surfaces with just ten percent flaws or blemishes on their surface. These flaws aren???t visible because the holes are drilled on the top of these flaws. The A grade pearls are spherical in their shape and boast a deep color which can have overtones of gold, peacock blue or even pink. Moreover, their size is also large and they can cross fourteen mms in their size and as it is clear from all the aforementioned information, they are the most priced.

The second or the B grade pearls are seen to carry good luster while almost one third of the pearl surface is lightly flawed. The shape nordstrom earrings mikimoto grade a akoya cultured pearl earrings Grading of Pearlscan be semi round or round with the visibility of the flaws being only viewed in close inspection. These have a size between 12-14 mm with overtones of gold, pink, gray. Then there are the C grade pearls which have sixty percent or fewer imperfections on the gem. Mostly semi round, they are seen to be almost similar to the B grade ones unless someone looks very closely. However, they are not seen to be as round as the B grade ones.

Then there is the D grade which is given to the pearls if they have cracks or deep dents on19 4617e9a0227d1154d7b666c0d5598b49 Grading of Pearls their surface. Even high luster pearls are seen to be graded D if almost sixty six percent of the surface is flawed which makes them unusable for jewelry construction. The whole difference in the luster and also the tone can be understood by looking at different graded pearls.


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