Apart from being a gorgeous looking purple gemstone, amethyst is also believed to be powerful enough to bring an external and internal change in the person who is wearing it.

Healing1 Healing and Mystical Power of Amethyst A lot of people believe that this gemstone can be used to the fear of failure and negativity from the person thereby bringing in more positive energy and intense spirituality. It is quite obvious that almost all individuals look for happiness in all the areas of their life and are trying to make their work and relationships peaceful and happy. However, when a problem comes in any avenue of one???s life then chances are that they have tried a number of things which can help them get out of it and sometimes alternative ways to cure this have worked.

One such alternative way is that of the gem therapy which involves carrying or wearing a particular gemstone that can transit its beneficial effects onto the user. These experiences have led many  Healing and Mystical Power of Amethystpeople to buy the gemstones not just because of their beauty but because of their mystical qualities too. Amethyst is seen to absorb the positive energies from the natural elements whilst throwing out or reflecting the negative energies from the soul and mind of the person. A lot of people around the world use it as their lucky charm and those who have their belief in the gem therapies have also started living a life of happiness and peace.

Amethyst mystical Healing and Mystical Power of Amethyst

A lot of people also say that wearing the amethyst gemstone can even cure alcoholics as one of its natural properties is that it is used to evade drunkenness. Apart from the wearing, the alcoholic can also be provided the general amethyst treatment which involves wearing the gemstone in the form of neck chain or finger ring or even hold the stone in the palm and then meditate so that its positive effects can be felt on the body and mind. According to the Indian astrology, the life of a person can be mapped out by the birth date, time and place of an individual and the effect of the happenings in the life can be reduced or enhanced by wearing the gemstones.

Amethyst Fairy on the Moon Necklace 300x275 Healing and Mystical Power of Amethyst

Based on the constitution and problem of the user, the astrologer can suggest the type of stone which has to be worn and also some other particulars like where to wear it, what should be its size, what should be its setting the finger to be worn on and thing like that. These are seen to restore the balance of energies in the mind thereby affecting the situations around the individual too.

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