Surprise, the very fabric of proposal is unleashed as you break open a secret in the most unexpected time. Like children playing hide and seek with friends. It is fun to keep your loved ones in a state of suspense. Roam throughout the city, throughout the streets, and go exploring. It’s time for shopping! Buy gifts, lots and lots; Flowers, chocolates, bouquets etc. A wedding ring complements all this, without which all other gifts are meaningless. A gift that your love loves most hand-picked carefully is hidden in places where only you know. And make sure it doesn’t get stolen, or it’ll end up in an ironic comedy.


Let the game begin. From a distance you keep cheering up yourself and watching the fun. The chain reaction begins with a bouquet thatmarriage-proposal-idea doesn’t have a name, but an address of the location of the next gift. It is going to be mysterious. The Gift asks your girl ???how are you???? imprinted in beautiful fonts. Curious to know what who sent it, she’ll follow it. Let’s lead her, to an ice cream parlor perhaps, where she’ll get her next clue, a delicious ice-cream and a bouquet with lovely roses. The ice-cream parlor tells her ???DO you like me???? in bold prints painted on the wall as it leads her to a nearby shop. It’s a dream come true Chanel boutique which presents a beautiful wedding gown and another note, ???You look gorgeous today??? and another address. The trail of clues lead her to place after place and finally, it leads to a brilliant park that has the most exciting scenery and across the cherry blossom trees, you stand waiting with a bouquet and a wedding ring. As she reaches you, you ask her ???Will you marry me???? The wedding ring sparkles as her smile sparkles as well ??? A moment of eternal rejoice. It’s time for a party!