Turquoise is an important element in one of the most desired anniversary gifts which are squash blossom necklace, Navajo conch

History and General information Natural Turquoise Gemstone1 300x276 History of Turquoise belt or a Zuni bracelet. Before going for them at the online or offline stores, it is best to know about the modern and ancient birthstone for December borns. This stone is considered to be one of the most precious non transparent gems that are used for trading in jewelry. Their journey is supposed to have started from the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula and continued in a trade around the Persian Alimersai Mountains which are presently in Iran. At the crusades time, this stone was brought into Europe through the Turkish regions. It is seen that the art nouveau jewels and the Victorian jewelry have this stone as their major component.

Another fact about turquoise is that it is the most used stone around the world at this point of time.History of Turquoise History of Turquoise A number of archeological diggings have shown that it was used as a great trade item and that can be seen with the findings of Persian turquoise in European sites and Cerillos turquoise in the Aztec sites. Legends say that son of Abraham used to supply this stone form the Nishapur mines in Persia to United States, Asian Countries and Europe for quite some time. The name of the stone has come from French phrase Pierre turquin which is the literal variation for dark blue stone. The misconception that Turkish was never producers of turquoise is false considering the fact that Europeans used to acquire this gem through turkey.

The beauty of other ornaments has been enhanced for years now by the addition of the turquoise blue glittering effect. The main use of this stone is done for ornamental stones in the form of jewelry, carvings and inlays. However, this stone has also been treated very sacredly from the time that it was mined first. Dated at around sixtieth century BC, this stone was also seen in Mummified Queen Zer???s bracelet. Moreover, traces of the stone have been found in burial grounds and tombs in and around three thousand BC.silver turquoise birthstone for december necklace copy History of Turquoise

The Egyptians and Sumerians are seen to produce a number of sophisticated gold jewelry and the sophistication is enhanced by the inlay cabcologe01f copy History of Turquoiseof turquoise. Moreover, there have been clear proofs regarding Aztec kings and pharaohs also wearing turquoise whilst some have also been decorating their teeth with this stone. The stone???s popularity with the Native American jewelry can be seen world over and also in some of the Mexican Indian tribes. Since before the Columbian days, the turquoise stones have been used by Indians in beads.

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