Topaz is seen to be one of the hardest mineral and also the hardest silicate that is naturally available and also a popular ornamental gemstone.

yellow Topaz Earlier, this stone was always associated with the color yellow and all the gemstones with golden or yellow hue were seen to be called topaz. The best quality topaz is seen to occur in the colorless form while there are other natural colors that include brown, sherry, green, blue pink etc. There are also other variations which are called oriental topaz (it is yellow corundum), occidental (it is a citrine variation), bohemian topaz (also a citrine variation), Madeira topaz (another variation of citrine quartz), citrine topaz and smoky topaz (which is actually a smoky version of quartz).

The citrine is mostly known as topaz but they are quite distinct species. The citrine is apink topaz variation of quartz and is a lot lighter than topaz. The refractive index and specific gravity of quartz is 1.55 and 2.65 respectively whereas that of the topaz is 1.62 and 3.54. The real topaz is seen to be labeled in the best manner and some are also used with Imperial and Precious words so that the genuineness can be known. The naturally occurring topaz is called as precious one whereas the imperial version is the pink tone topaz. This was discovered in Russia in nineteenth century but it is now also mined in and around Brazil and Minas Gerais.

The name of the gemstone is derived from Tapas, a Sanskrit word which also resembles fire. At the start of first century AD, it was thought BlueTopazthat it had been derived from topazion or topazos which are Greek words. The name was also seen to come from Topazos Isalnd and now the island is popular with Island of St. John or Zeberget. Colorless or clear topaz is seen to be very common and has less value. The blue colored variation is quite rare and is made by irradiation of the clear topaz. The natural blue color is light and the irradiation produces the darker colors.

There have been cases where unscrupulous jewelers have sold deceptive gemstones with the name of topaz to earn more money. This should be realized that smoky topaz, Indian topaz, citrine topaz, Bahia topaz, Brazilian topaz, Madeira topaz and gold topaz are not the variations of the gemstone. These names are just used to deceive people into thinking that they are buying the real deal.14K white or yellow gold Swiss blue topaz